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Google Adwords KPI for Search Marketing Campaign

Take the guesswork out of your marketing with these KPIs for Google Adwords Search Marketing Campaign.

Are you achieving your marketing goals? Use these Google Adwords Key Performance Indexes (KPI) to measure the performance of your website and the direct results of your Google Ads.

Different marketing goals will require different marketing strategies. If you’re aiming for a high user interaction (high click-through-rate), or high conversions (number of sales or leads), we highly recommend the Google Search Campaign strategy to target people who are searching for products or services like yours on Google.

Google Search Marketing Campaign

Search marketing campaign on Google offers very highly targeted and relevant audience who are actively searching and ready to purchase

Here’s a short glossary of the critical KPIs that you should be looking at to measure the success of your digital advertisement campaigns, and the performance of your website.

For example, let’s take a snapshot of one of our running Search campaigns.



stands for Impressions. It shows how many people saw your ads. In this case, your ads have been shown as many as 41,276 times.

Avg. CPC

stand for Average Cost Per Click. The statistics show that it costs only 33 sen per click for this campaign (ie, it only costs 33 sen to bring in a new potential customer to your website. (Usually, it costs RM2 – RM5 per click, or even more in more competitive industries, sometimes going up to even as high as RM20 per click.)


shows the total cost we have spent. In this case, we have spent RM2,792.37 to acquire 8,367 new potential customers, which is pretty good value for money.


shows the number of people who are interested enough in your Ad to click on it and visit your website. For this campaign, it shows that your Ads brought a total number of 8,367 visitors to your website. For further analysis of user engagement, we have to look at your Analytics to analyse how long they stayed on your website or page to measure user engagement. Eg. If they stayed over a minute on a page, then followed by browsing of other pages on your website, this shows a highly interested potential customer. It is then up to the performance of your website to convert that browsing visitor into a customer.


shows the cost of each conversion. In this case, it means that it costs RM42.26 for each transaction or lead. Hence, if each customer purchases an average of RM200-RM300 on your website, the conversion cost of RM42.26 is still well worth it for you to continue advertising on Google. (Or, if your goal is to acquire leads and each lead is worth RM500 to you, then spending RM42.26 per lead is money well spent.) The cost per conversion can be brought down further with a highly performing website which increases the rate of your conversions.


stands for Click-Through-Rate. CTR measures the percentage of people who viewed your ad and take action to visit your website. In this case, it shows that your ads have been viewed 41,276 times, and out of that, 8,367 people visited your website, which is a whopping 20.27%!

This means that out of 100 people who viewed your ads, 20 people will visit your website, which shows a phenomenal success in terms of the effectiveness of the ads and keywords. (Industry CTR is usually 1-2% only.) This shows that the target audience is correct and that the ads effective to bring them in.

With such highly effective and successful campaign, we highly recommend boosting up your ads budget to bring in even more visitors to your website.


show the number of people who have purchased something on your website from clicking the ads, or sent you their details, if you’re looking for leads. Once we have driven the potential customers to your website using Google Ads, it is now the job of your website to convert all these visitors into your customers or leads. If your website is effective, then you will have high conversions. But if your website is not effective at selling or convincing your visitors, then you will have low conversions. (Contact us if you want us to revamp your website into a highly performing one.)

Shock Media Studio is a qualified Google Partner with Certified Google Adwords Professionals in our team that specializes in Search Marketing Campaigns. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we work tirelessly to tweak your ads for you till they bring in the results you want. Contact us at +603-58827008 or leave us a message below, and we’ll show you something your competitors don’t want you to know!

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