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What’s Our Story?

We are a creative digital agency that catapults your business towards unprecedented success, using our time-tested proprietary methodologies, groundbreaking technology, and online strategies.

At Shock Media Studio we build stunning websites that serve as the launchpad for your business growth, and execute cutting edge online strategies with our own top secret proprietary methodologies that bring in results again and again. Anyone can design a nice-looking website, but it takes someone who has sold millions of products online to design an effective website that drives results. Driven by a passion for delivering awesomeness, we have developed our own top secret proprietary methodologies, formulated to achieve results like never before.
For instance, our own proprietary ShockFocus design methodology has been proven to increase leads and sales by over 250% for our clients. And, our proprietary ShockPersona methodology has been shown to increase organic Facebook engagement growth by over 200%! We offer the full range of digital marketing services which includes engaging Facebook Management, effective web ads, results-guaranteed search engine optimization, high-traffic social apps and campaigns, and so much more!





Delivering Awesomeness

To make our clients happy, we deliver as much awesomeness as much as possible!

Just Do It

We just do the challenge that was given to us without overthinking.

Extreme Positivity

We believed that positivity is something that is infectious therefore we breed positivity as much as possible.

Dare to Be Different

In a competitive world, we strive to be different and unique than others.

Be The Change

We are always adapting to change, ever growing to the next level.


We believe speed and efficiency to get the work done. Time is precious ( and money) as we all know it!

Determined & Passionate

With determination and passion, we can go forward even faster than ever.



We do not believe in charging clients based on the car they are driving, or their office size, but rather based on delivering TRUE value. This is the key reason our customers have been coming back to us over and over again. Websites and online strategies created by Shock Media Studio are based on many years of experience with proven and time-tested results. Each website, image, and ad copy, is uniquely handcrafted with attention to details that matter most.
Every digital marketing detail is purposefully designed to create the intended results by incorporating the essential science of marketing, heatmaps and branding. Colours, images and skilfully-crafted words are strategically placed to compel a response from the visitors, whether it is to sign up for your newsletter, like your Facebook page, register for a course, make a phone call, or purchase a product.


We Dare because We Know We Can!


Our team in Shock Media Studio goes to extreme ends to deliver awesome customer experience and kickass value!

Shock Media Studio – Digital Agency

Our Mission

Delivering Awesomeness



We are all about delivering awesomeness in every way, from delivering amazing customer experience, to awesome customer engagement at affordable prices. Instead of just piecemeal services, we take your business to the next level by offering the full range of integrated internet marketing services to give you the breakthrough you need in your business. We empower your business to reach more customers digitally and foster rapid growth.

We treat our clients not just as customers, but more as business partners, where we have a vested interest in giving you our best effort to ensure your success.


Banking on the multi-million-dollar expertise and over 10 years experience of a star internet marketer, who is also the key-founder and mastermind, Vince Tan, Shock Media Studio has all the top notch arsenal to help your business make a huge impact on the market in your industry.

Vince Tan started designing websites at the tender age of 12, and since then he had created celebrity websites with over 1 million visitors per month, developed and launched apps, owned over 25,000 domains, generated over 1 billion webpages, and more remarkably, launched 4 major online product launches generating almost $1 million within the first 7 days of the launches! Shock Media Studio was started out of this intense passion for digital marketing.

Leveraging on this wealth of expertise, our Shock Team creates shockingly awesome websites with our magical creativity, producing stunning seamless customer experience, and rockstar results.



Our awesomeness culture speaks for itself, and has contagiously attracted CEOs of major companies, entrepreneurs, international speakers and leaders to join us in our awesomeness meetings! And, you’re welcome to join in too! Just give us a call at +603 5882 7008 and we’ll reserve a seat for you.



Shock Services

Check out the awesome stuff that Shock Media Studio has to offer!

SEM – Google Search Advertising

Google is the largest digital advertising company with $120 Billion revenue. If this strategy doesn’t get ROI for businesses, Google wouldn’t make so much money.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is about what people are searching for online & the answers they are seeking. Knowing the answers to these questions will allow you to connect to the people who are searching online for the solutions you offer.

Facebook Advertising

Malaysians spend up to 3 hours per day on their social media such as Facebook. You can target by locations, age & gender, languages, interests, etc that help your businesses reach to very targeted audiences.

Website Development

We build websites that focus on converting the highest number of website visitors to become your business leads or sales.

Remarketing & Retargeting

You landed on Shopee when doing research for your product. Their ads keep showing up everywhere else you browse after that. This is remarketing & retargeting! The ads basically follow you wherever you go.

Google Display Network

Do you intend to run brand awareness campaign online? We recommend Display Advertising via Google Display Network so that your banner ads will appear on top publishers / websites

Youtube Advertising

There are more than 10 million unique users on YouTube in Malaysia and they spend an average of 28 minute per day watching videos on YouTube.

GMB Advertising

Google recently revealed that every one in three Google searches has local intent. If your company relies on local consumer traffic, this clearly shows the importance of making your business visible in the search results.


Serving Over 600 Happy Clients

Each completed project makes us even more awesome and accomplished. As a result, we deliver a better web branding experience.


 Years in the Making


 Completed Projects


 Clients Worked With




Our Clients


Because we started this as a passion not as a business.

Shock Media Studio – Digital Agency

Shock Portfolio

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.



  • Service: Web Development

Nestled within the satellite town of Puchong, a miracle is formed.  A lake district has evolved into a conceptual township. Designed living for the refined few. Not to mention its rich and natural flora and fauna, a balance between eco and aquatic features have made this a sought after resort township.

D’ Island Residence as the name suggest embraces botanical values and surrounded by lake views.

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Timur Bay

Timur Bay

  • Service: Web Development

Somewhere between the shimmer of sunrise over azure blue horizon, and the melodic waves lapping the shores; Between the wind blowing in your ears, and the sensation of toes sunken in the sand; Simplicity, and the joy of being one with it all.

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  • Service: Web Development

GRAVIT8 (gra-vee-tate) is Klang’s newest hub for the latest and trendiest in food, fashion, and culture. Experience the excitement of city living by the lakeside at GRAVIT8, where people from all walks of life can find something to relate to.

GRAVIT8 is the natural convergence point for people in Klang to come together, to see and be seen. Enjoy. Endeavour. Experience.

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Tan & Tan Development

Tan & Tan Development

  • Service: Web Development

Founded in 1971, our passion for property has driven us to become one of the leading and most sought after developer in the country.

With decades of industry expertise under our bricks, Tan & Tan Development are now known as a versatile property builder with a remarkable track record in condominiums; landed properties and gated communities; commercial and residential buildings; and hospital development.

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Sunway Pyramid

Sunway Pyramid

  • Service: Web Development

Since it first opened its doors in 1997, Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia’s first themed shopping and entertainment mall has undergone a magnificent transformation to herald a new shopping kingdom that boasts 4 million square feet of retail extravaganza.

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Spinal Inc

Spinal Inc

  • Service: Web Development

Our clinical approach to treatment is to be as innovative as possible in blending various methods to achieve the best results for our patients. We do not believe that results can be achieved with only one system.

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  • Service: Web Development

Worldwide reputations are not made overnight. Slumberland has achieved its position as a premier international bed manufacturer after decades of hard work, innovation and strategic investment.

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Dr Ko

Dr Ko

  • Service: Web Development

Founded by Dr. Ko Chung Beng in 1997, KO Skin Specialist has been providing a comprehensive range of in-depth services from dermatology to cosmetic surgery. Today, KO Skin Specialist is proudly recognized as one of Asia’s leading dermatology and laser centres, gaining trusts of medical professionals and clients across the globe.

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Case Studies



  • Case Study:

As one of the biggest social management agencies, we developed our proprietary Shock SocialPersona methodology, which increased organic engagement by over 200% for the EcoWorld Facebook Page.



  • Case Study:

Crystal Yacht experienced an increase of 250% in business after they had their website redesigned! They now have the new challenge of fulfilling all the bookings, thanks to the powerful website designed by our Shock Web Team. We design websites that deliver the results you want.

Big A

Big A

  • Case Study:

Prior to approaching us, the client complained about their ineffective website, despite the many changes that had been done, which did not work. But after the stunning website makeover by our Shock Web Team, the website generated an impressive increase in web traffic, and also attracted top quality talents wanting to join their team! It’s proven that our Shock Web rocks!

Ko Skin Specialist

Ko Skin Specialist

  • Case Study:

Customer leads soared over 200% in just a week after the website revamp by our Shock Web Team. Time-tested and proven, little things do make a huge difference in raising conversion rates, such as font types, colours, information structure, and placement of elements and graphics. Furthermore, we developed an app for the client, and now, they are receiving daily appointments through the app.


Our Partners’ Love Us

What our satisfied clients say about us as a growing Digital Agency.

Thank you Shock Media Studio for revamping our website. I LOVE IT! You guys are so professional, fast & fun to work with. Thank you so much for making Amber Chia Academy website, sexy again! Thank you Shock Media Studio!
Amber Chia
Principal / Amber Chia Academy
Brilliant work from the SHOCK team. They understood what we wanted immediately, key messages to communicate and most importantly, the service was impeccable. Given the pressing deadlines, the team worked for me and everything was spot on, with a fantastic end-product. Rare to combine commercial effectiveness with artistic flair plus being on time.
Declan Ee
We're very glad that we met Shock Media Studio. They offered us an NGO website for free as their CSR program. From a simple blog, our website has transformed into a stylish hip Lifestyle magazine. We're really happy with Shock! Thank you so much.
Abby Latif
I was looking for a fast and efficient way to get my website up and running. Shock Media Studio has been very responsive to my business needs and provided me with great results! I highly recommend Shock Media Studio to everyone!
Nigel Skelchy
Co-Founder / Just Heavenly
I’m impressed at how well Shock Media Studio listened to our requirements and translated the vision into reality and reflects our brand well. I’d happily recommend Shock Media Studio to anyone considering getting an online presence!
Nigel Low
Founder / Food n' Frame
Eric has been exceptionally great to work with. He offers lots of very valuable advice and is always there to bounce ideas off. I’m very happy to see my site ranking 1st page at and my facebook page is growing everyday with LIKES!
Merina Yong

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