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3 Engaging Videos You Need For Your Business Right Now

Brand video — check.

Explainer video — check.

Product review video — check.

Your viewers know who you are.

Now, they are hungry for more.

How else can you build interest and hold their attention to your brand message?

Here are 3 videos you may want to create to add value to your viewers and increase engagement:


People relate to people.

An individual’s story may resonate so much more than just a product video. That is why video blogs are powerful in terms of gaining interest, leads and customers. So if your business has a personality or voice behind it, use it.

With the likes of Casey Neistat and Gary Vaynerchuk making it a popular method to connect with an audience, there are already blueprints for every business personality to start vlogging.

The great thing about making vlogs is that it’s easy to produce. You’d only need as few as one camera or smartphone to start with as well as an editing software.

Once you’re ready to take the next step, you may employ a full production team to shoot and edit the vlogs for you, giving you the full focus to win your audience.

The most important thing to remember is to be consistent with your message and post your vlogs regularly to gain traction.


People like to watch people talk.

Conducting an interview with an influential person would not only benefit your viewers but it would also mean broadening your network and knowledge for the benefit of your business.

That influential person may be someone your audience already knows (an author, a well-known entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, etc) or it may be someone they don’t know but would enjoy listening to.

A great example would be Marie Forleo who is a life coach and motivational speaker. She puts out valuable content online and has interviewed many well-known entrepreneurs and personalities such as Elizabeth Gilbert, Tim Ferriss and Tony Robbins.


People want to see what other people are doing.

Showcasing your company’s culture in a video would give your viewers and customers a sense of your organisation’s values, mission and the dynamics between team members.

This may help them understand why your company is different or even better than your competitors. It would also help strengthen brand loyalty as you give your customers the inside scoop.

Company culture videos would also attract prospective employees who would help grow your company to greater heights.

In any part of your marketing or sales funnel, videos play a valuable role in your business be it attracting new leads, turning them into paying customers or retaining them.

Implementing the right tips for effective video marketing will make your video stand out among the crowd.

The key is to have a solid marketing strategy to figure out what kind of videos that would best represent your brand message.

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