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3 Steps to Gear Up your Business for the Holiday Shopping

Santa Claus super flying with christmas presents

Santa Claus super flying with christmas presents

Tis the Season to be Selling!

It’s that merry time of the year again when consumer purchases spike upwards to make up for the sluggish sales that most businesses have been experiencing earlier in the year due to a slower economy.
Now is the time to get out those promotions and discounts to entice customers, and reach out to the masses by getting the word out about your products and services.

Here are 3 steps to ramp up your sales and fill your coffers with kaa-chinggg !

Step 1: Build Awareness

Start building brand awareness months before the holiday season. Make sure that your marketing messages reach consumers across various channels and screens, both large and small. Over 80% of shoppers in Malaysia are increasingly shopping online and using multi-devices seamlessly, from pc to desktops, to smartphones and tablets.
Hence, it is essential to ensure that your websites are responsive, adjusting and optimizing automatically to cater to different screen sizes on different devices, so that you don’t lose out on the sales when people are shopping online on your site.

Step 2: Influence Purchases and Drive Sales

Start intensifying your marketing efforts during the festive month as the purchasing frenzy escalates towards the festive day and peaks with last minute shopping.
However, unlike past years, savvy shoppers are spending increasingly more time researching the products and services before they make a purchase, and significantly more sales were made online compared to previous years . According to research, a whopping 78% of shoppers turned to the internet to research for holiday gifts, and as many as 40% of purchases were done online.
In these tough economic times, hard earned money is precious, therefore shoppers prefer to shop wisely by finding out more details about the products that they are interested in, reading peer reviews, and comparing places where they can get it cheaper, as well as which brand is better, before they make the purchase decision either online or offline.
This is your golden opportunity to get online and establish your brand and convince shoppers that your products or services are worthy of their purchase.

Step 3: Turn Customers into Raving Fans

Once the festivities are over, your job is still not done yet. It’s now time to turn your new and old customers into raving fans. Appreciate them and get repeat sales with loyalty offers, promo codes for referrals, and more. Put on your thinking cap and just get creative!

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