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3 Ways to Tap on Pokemon Go for your Business

Soon, you will see crowds of zombies furiously double-thumbing and swiping their phones, heads down, eyes focused, and walking in a haphazard manner. Fret not, it’s not the apocalypse yet! The world has just been taken over by Pokemon Go craze, the number one game in the Apple app store.

The Long and Short Story about Pokemon Go

For those of you who are not yet in the know, Pokemon is basically short for “little pocket monsters”, which you are supposed to collect as many different species as possible. The Nintendo Pokemon Go phone game is an augmented reality game by Niantic Labs and The Pokémon Company that incorporates your real life aspects into a cartoon map with little Pokemons interspersed throughout. As you approach a Pokemon, it will appear in your phone. You can catch wild Pokemon with Pokeballs which you can get at designated places called Pokestops. You can also get eggs at Pokestops, and then you will have to actually walk 5km, 10km or 20km to hatch the eggs into Pokemons. And nope, no amount of trickery works, except to actually walk around your neighbourhood. Walking on a treadmill does not count.

So how do we tap into this hype to increase your business?

1) Use the Lure Module to Get Customers

If your shop or office happens to be a Pokestop and Pokemon gym (where you train your Pokemons, or fight to take over a gym), you can use lures to turn it into a Pokemon gathering ground. Install the lure module onto the Pokestop for 30 minutes of increased Pokémon sightings. That will attract Pokemon hunters nearby to your shop. That’s free traffic for you.

2) Ride the Pokemon Go Wave

Welcome Pokemon hunters to your shop. The Pokemon Go trend is really hot right now. So go with the flow and reap the benefits. If you own a café, offer Pokemon drinks, or Pokemon themed food, and perhaps, even turn it into a happening gathering place for friendship. Reach out and connect with Pokemon Go players on social media, and win their hearts.

3) Take Advantage of the Pokemon Trending Searches

Pokemon is now the hottest trending searches on Google. Get found by having kickass SEO themed around Pokemon, and that includes your social media and blogs. Have special offers for your visitors, and turn them into your customers.

And if you need help luring customers to your business, contact us at +603-58827008 or Leave us a Message below. Meanwhile, stay safe and catch ‘em all!

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