How to Stop Hating My Job

Many talented people equipped with degrees are working at jobs they hate, with bosses they hate, and wasting productive time dealing with annoying, incompetent colleagues. They can only dream of doing meaningful work in an environment that is free from politicking, working with fantastic, capable colleagues who motivate them, and work cohesively as a team to achieve significant breakthroughs that have lasting impact on the human race all over the world. Impossible?

Not at Shock Media Studio.



Here are 5 things that you can do to improve your career:

  • Discover your Natural Abilities

What is the one thing that you can do better than others, something that you enjoy doing all the time? Many people study a degree that their parents want them to study, or work at a job that their parents like. Some people do that without even realizing it. Pause. Look within yourself and discover your super power. Then deliberately hone that power and get it to work for you. Start looking for places where you can apply your power and be appreciated for it.

  • Engage with a World-Class Mentor

Having a mentor with a world-class mindset can help you to find ways to improve your super power. He will be able to guide you along and bring out the best in you with new challenges and exposure to new opportunities which empower you to go beyond your limits and achieve far more than what you thought possible.

  • Work with Great Work Mates

Working with great colleagues inspires you to be at your best and to give your best at your job all the time. Extreme positivity is very contagious and rubs off on everyone in the workplace, fuelling productivity and the desire to go beyond and achieve the impossible. Most often, you will find that impossible things become possible once it has been achieved.

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. – Jim Rohn

Your work mates are the people you spend the most time with. So be selective of your office mates. Don’t stay too long in a negative office environment. Be proactive, and join a thriving and positive team on a mission to change the world.

  • Jump at Learning Opportunities

In every difficult or new task is a learning opportunity. Volunteering for new tasks that is beyond your skillset can take away the boredom of routine, and give you a taste of what it takes to accomplish it, and perhaps, in the process, you might uncover a few more hidden talents. And make your boss absolutely love you too, besides scoring brownie points for the next big promotion!

  • Find an Environment that Nurtures Your Talent

Work in an office environment that appreciates your super power, and allows you to experiment and learn. Such positive, creative, and nurturing environment cultivates even more talents, and empowers the team to be highly productive, highly resourceful and be in a position to make a profound, lasting, global impact.

However, in order for this to happen, it is up to you to quit complaining about current your boss, your job and your colleagues and start doing something about your situation. You control what you do and where you work, after all. So start updating your resume, research companies that fit your criteria, and go convince them that they need you onboard.

Wanna Work at Shock Media Studio?

We are growing at light speed and need people that can hit the ground running. Oh and just to brag, we are the first and only LinkedIn official partner in Asia. 🙂 Yes, we beat all other big agencies and we will continue to hustle our way to be the top digital media agency in Asia within the next few years.

Our founder happens to be one of the top internet marketers in the region who has sold millions online and built tens of thousands of websites from the time when the internet browser was first born. From experienced professionals to fresh minds, everyone at Shock Media Studio shares the distinct desire to deliver innovative solutions that go beyond the expected.

We expect to grow and manage 100+ brands before 2016 is over. And if you are up for it, join us and you will get the opportunity to be part of this amazing growth to redefine how the internet works.

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