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6 Strategies to Strengthen Your Brand

You’ve been in the game for one year, two years or maybe ten.

What started as a passion project has turned into something more meaningful to you. But what may be meaningful to you doesn’t seem to be so to others.

You’ve done all the funnel sequences, yet you’re not reaching your sales goal.

You’ve put out content every single day, yet your follower count hasn’t even reached 10k.

You begin to doubt whether your product or service actually brings value to your audience. You begin to doubt whether they even know what your brand actually is.

Why Do You Need A Strong Brand?

You want your brand to stand out from your competitors. You want your audience to know and trust you. You want your customers to choose you over any other.

That’s why you need to be unique, different and interesting.

Think about Nike. There are thousands of footwear and apparel companies out there but Nike is one of the biggest – if not the biggest – companies out there.

Everyone knows Nike.

Sure, Nike has years of experience to their advantage but that doesn’t discredit the tremendous amount of effort they put to make their brand stand out.

From holding true to their core message to creating various campaigns, Nike has earned the recognition they deserve.

The longer you keep at it and continue to find new ways to strengthen your brand and message, the better you can build credibility along the way.

How to Create a Brand?

A brand is not just a name or a logo.

Your brand is what people think or say about you. It’s what you give out to your customers. It’s their experience with you.

Here are six guidelines for you to consider when building your brand:


Why are you doing what you’re doing?

If you can’t answer that question, you can’t expect your target audience to resonate with you.

Before you can persuade your audience to support you, you need to persuade yourself why your business matters and why it would be worth every hardship that will come your way.

Building a brand is not a one-off thing; it’s a journey. And your core purpose is what would keep you going when the going gets tough.


On a business perspective, it’s good to keep things fresh.

It’s alright to change things up a bit to give something new to your audience. But you shouldn’t change your core message too much. Otherwise, you may risk confusing your audience.

Once Nike had found their empowering message, “Just Do It”, they have stuck to it since. They then play around with how they present that message in their campaigns to introduce fresh ideas yet still keeping that core message intact.

Now everyone associates the “Just Do It” tagline to Nike.

Many even use it as a form of motivation to live their day-to-day lives.

If you consistently put out one clear message that adds value to your audience’s lives, you’ll surely be remembered.


When we buy something, we’re often guided by our emotions.

Most of the time, we would buy something that would solve our problems or make us feel good.

Your job is to plan a marketing strategy that would tap onto your audience’s emotions or pain points.

This does not necessarily mean having to be negative, but rather looking at the perspective of making your audience’s lives easier or better.

When you connect with your customers, you’re building a sense of belonging and trust in them. Once they realise that your product or service is helping them, they’re more likely to be lifelong customers.

So building emotional connection is not just for the spur of the moment but also to create a sustainable relationship with your customers.


While it’s important to stay consistent with your brand message, your marketing approach can be as flexible as you want it to be.

You can create as many campaigns as necessary with as many creative ideas as possible. Your aim is to capture your audience’s interest and convert them into buying customers.

This would take a lot of trial and error but as long as you do whatever it takes to get your core message out there, your brand will strengthen over time.


When you’re at a point where you’re seeing returning customers, it means your strategies are playing out well.

But you shouldn’t stop there.

This is an opportunity to further strengthen your brand by rewarding your loyal customers. Remember, without your customers, success wouldn’t have come easily.

Give them special discounts or even free gifts. Set up birthday rewards when they sign up as a member. Give them a shoutout on your social media.

Whatever it is, make sure you communicate to your loyal customers that you appreciate their support thus far.


What has your employees got to do with strengthening your brand?

While your customers support your brand from the outside, your employees support your brand from the inside.

Your employees are the backbone of your business. Without them, your business wouldn’t have been built to what is today.

Give your employees the chance to actively contribute to building your brand.

When you and your employees are on the same track and holding onto the same core values, it would be easier to deploy strategies to strengthen your brand.

How Do You Present Your Brand?

Now that you know how to create and strengthen your brand, now it’s time to show it.

There are many ways you can present your brand to the world and no doubt that you would change your strategies from time to time.

But here are the main points you need to consider:

  • Design a Brand Identity including logo, typography and colour
  • Set up a website, sales page or landing page to direct online customers
  • Create a social media strategy with eye-catching designs and clever copywriting to lead potential customers to your sales page

Remember, a brand is more than just a nice logo or aesthetic social media feed.

It’s the effort you put in to give value to your customers in every step of their buying journey.

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