June 4, 2015 Shock Media Studio

Awesome Corporate Culture Leads to 300% Growth


Impact of Corporate Culture on Growth

In less than 3 years, Shock Media Studio has grown a spectacular 300%, serving over 350 clients from various industries. The founder and director of Shock Media Studio, Vince Tan, has successfully immersed the entire organization into focusing on one mission: Delivering Awesomeness.

A really cool digital media agency founded in November 2012, its rapid growth is testament to the impact that corporate culture has on performance. Shock Media Studio is big time serious on building a corporate culture of awesomeness that encompasses everyone, every decision, and every deed in the entire organization.


Build the People, and Let the People Build the Business

From the very beginning, the founding fathers of Shock Media Studio have built a strong corporate culture that is the bedrock of foundation for the company’s success.

“Build the people, and let the people build the business,” said Vince Tan emphatically.

While most companies are focused on making as much profits as possible and then hiring suitable people who can achieve targets and get the job done, Vince Tan has a radical strategy which turned this perspective completely upside down.


Hire the Right People

Vince Tan focuses on hiring the right people, people who have the right attitude and potential. He hires them first without knowing which position to fit them in. In fact, he hires people without prior experience in the industry, and they bring in a fresh perspective of doing things. They join the company first, and then figure out what they want to do in the company. As such, after a few days in the company, they figure out what’s lacking in the company, and what needs to be done to bring the company forward. They get to work fixing it, getting things done, and in the process, build the company, making it more efficient, and bringing it to the next level of performance and growth at an unprecedented pace.


Focused on Delivering Awesomeness

Shock Media Studio was started formally as way to help people build and grow their businesses through digital media, such as creating websites, and building a brand presence on social media and search engines.

“I began building websites when I was 12 years old. I had so many requests for help from classmates, relatives and friends. Shock Media Studio was started as a way to formalize things, and to help people grow their businesses through digital media,” quipped Vince Tan. “Because when you grow, we grow along with you.”


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