April 27, 2018 Shock Media Studio

BBCC – 3 Million Kickass Reach In 3 Tight Weeks

We were able to reach out somewhere around in the region of 2-3 million. Highly targeted audience and on a repetitive basis. We made BBCC memorable. It was one of the most successful product launch online.

Watch how we fan the digital flames on BBCC’s billion dollar project with the right strategy and the right tool.Time was not on our side when we were presented with the upcoming launch of Bukit Bintang City Centre, Kuala Lumpur’s benchmark in progress.
With a tight budget and a tighter timeframe, we got things done in style.

#ShockSuccessStories Ep.3

Take Away Tips:
It is not about throwing in a lot of money.
It is about performance marketing and how we optimize to maximize the reach and to minimize the cost per click and the cost per view.

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