Like a moth to a flame, every business owner or marketer needs to be where their audience is at. And social media platforms are the places to be in this 21st century. With Facebook and Instagram boasting 2.23 billion and 1 billion Monthly Active Users (MAUs) respectively, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be on […]

WHY YOU NEED A WEBSITE — Even If You’re A Small Business

As a small business or startup, you’re very careful about your spending. You go with the most affordable options so that your profits can one day cover up your costs. So in terms of marketing your business, you’ve decided to only use social media platforms and forgoing building a website mainly because of budget constraints. […]

Improve Your Service With Chatbot For Greater Customer Satisfaction

As someone who’s selling a product online, it’s important to talk to every customer who sends you a message. You would want to satisfy all their queries and create a good rapport. If your customer service is poor, it’s unlikely that people would want to buy from you no matter how good your product is. […]

Why Native Content Gets More Engagement

Facebook native videos are dominating the video experience online. Research shows that 89% of overall video posts were Facebook native videos. Furthermore, they get 477% more shares, 530% more comments and 168% higher interaction rate than YouTube videos. WHAT IS NATIVE CONTENT? Native content is any type of content shared directly on a specific platform. […]

[REVEALED] Malaysian Marketers Unsure About Digital Strategy

The digital community in Malaysia is growing. 24.5 million Malaysians are using the internet and 23 million are active on social media. Knowing the opportunities these numbers may open up for your online business, you’ve jumped head first into digital marketing. It’s great that you have the guts to put your brand out there. But […]

6 Strategies to Strengthen Your Brand

You’ve been in the game for one year, two years or maybe ten. What started as a passion project has turned into something more meaningful to you. But what may be meaningful to you doesn’t seem to be so to others. You’ve done all the funnel sequences, yet you’re not reaching your sales goal. You’ve […]

Organic VS Paid Advertising on Facebook: Which is Better?

The market is competitive. There are more ads than ever bombarding your news feed space. As a result, your posts aren’t showing up first on your audience’s timeline. Face it — organic reach is declining. Your regular posts aren’t reaching to as many of your fans as you’d like. And it doesn’t help that Facebook […]

3 Engaging Videos You Need For Your Business Right Now

Brand video — check. Explainer video — check. Product review video — check. Your viewers know who you are. Now, they are hungry for more. How else can you build interest and hold their attention to your brand message? Here are 3 videos you may want to create to add value to your viewers and […]

Plan Your Social Media Content and Enjoy Your Holidays

It’s Chinese New Year season but you’re stuck in front of the computer. You need to make sure that all your social media posts are ready and you need to post them at the right time. Otherwise, you’ll lose out on the clients. How you wish you had planned this earlier and schedule your post […]

5 Marketing Tips You Can Learn From Gary Vaynerchuk

You’re sat there wondering, “Why isn’t anything working?” “Why am I not hitting my ROI?” “Why isn’t my email list growing?” “Maybe I’m missing something…” Maybe you’re right. The harsh truth is that many business owners out there only think about themselves or their company. They work so hard to create the most attractive ads, […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Grow Your Email Subscriber List

Your goal is simple: you want more people to know about your amazing product or service. You’ve got a good following on social media but you want to up your game and build your own list. Maybe you’ve got your preliminary list but it’s not enough. You want more. You want to add value to […]

Adding Value From Lead Generation to Conversion to Retention

Many businesses are still reluctant to give value first without expecting immediate returns, or as Gary Vee would put it — Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. Won’t giving free stuff mean that sales would not increase and ROI would be stagnant? Perhaps you’re not seeing the big picture. And you’re not to blame. Most marketing […]

Here’s How to Build Relationships With Sales Email

In the previous article, we laid out the core structure of your sales email. Now, you need to fill it in. We’ll give you four key points to guide you to flesh out your email that will: grab your prospect’s attention. maintain their interest and not lose them halfway. not sound awkward or pushy. close […]

How to Effectively Structure Your Sales Email

You’ve managed to get your prospects to willingly give their email addresses to you. It almost feels like you’ve got a girl’s number after a night out. All you need to do now is ask her out and keep her interested in you. What do you do next? Well, you need to keep her interested […]

3 Tips for Choosing an Email Marketing Software

Once you know how significant email marketing is, you’d want to get straight into it! “But how do I actually start?” “Is there a software to automate the process? If so, which one do I choose?” Well, you’ve come to the right place! With a lot of email marketing software and automation tools out there, […]

The Ultimate Showdown: Social Media vs Email Marketing

Cheap, easy and effective. That’s all we really want our marketing campaigns to be. And with consumers being more visible on social media, that’s usually where businesses would prefer to market their products. Social media is, after all, cheap, easy and effective. Right? Well, here’s the truth. You may see your audience on social media. […]

5 Reasons Why You Need Email Marketing

As a business owner, it’s understandable if you have doubts about email marketing. Considering social media’s popularity, it’s natural to think that social media is the best platform to market your product or service and reach out to potential customers. You can’t be blamed if you’ve ever thought that email is dead. So why still […]

4 Steps to Win IGTV From the Get-Go

IGTV. The four-letter acronym that can either make or break your business. But when it’s done the right way, there are only positive outcomes: you win consumers’ trust and you get ahead of your competitors! Launched in June 2018, IGTV allows users to upload and watch vertical, long-form videos via the Instagram app or the […]

Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing

For months, you’ve been consistently posting content on your social media. Your photos are worthy of a feature in NatGeo and the captions sound like they deserve a Man Booker Prize. You’ve got quite a good following and interaction going on. And most importantly, your sales grew like wildflowers. But lately, your post performance is […]

What Type of Content Do Consumers Want?

You know that content is key. You know that measuring the performance of your post (i.e. engagement, impressions, audience growth and video views) is much more important than focusing on conversion or sales. But why aren’t your posts getting the engagement you want? Where are your 100k followers? Why aren’t your videos going viral? Here’s […]

Social Marketers: Time to Redefine ROI

Do you constantly check how many people have clicked on your FB ads? Do you then compare the numbers with those who went ahead to buy your product? STOP! This obsession is not worth your time. Different Game, Different Rules Focusing on sales alone might work for an offline business but social media marketing is […]

Generations on Social Media

Since 2009, Facebook has been steadily receiving traffic from users all around the world. Millennials, being the majority users of Facebook, have always been the main target audience for Facebook marketing. However, as more and more social media platforms are created and have secured their unique audience base, social media targeting has become much more […]

Low Cost Methods to Bring Your Offline Business Online

Consumers’ spending behaviour and product preference keep changing from time to time. Research shows that approximately 81% of consumers will search information online before making any purchase. For example, they will look for reviews online rather than via word of mouth; they prefer seeing nice pictures with interesting captions rather than newspapers or flyers; and […]

5 Tips for Effective Video Marketing

Today’s internet landscape sees more and more people who are now watching video on their mobile devices (500 000 000, to be exact). Currently at 74%, experts estimate that video will make up 80% of all internet traffic by 2019. With 90% of consumers saying that watching video content helps them make buying decisions, 87% […]

5 Unbelievable Social Media Facts that are ACTUALLY TRUE

Nowadays, we are getting more and more dependent on social media. We obtain information, stay connected, learn and teach on social media. Even our day jobs may revolve around it. Whether you own a business page or you’re an active user, knowing how social media works can help you understand how these channels can serve […]

Creating Social Media Content

There are more ways than one to launch a social media marketing campaign for branding boost or straight up selling but the pick and execute the right one takes careful measures usually left to the experts. Brands and companies of today have come to the conclusion that digital and social media communication works best to […]

Top 5 Content Marketing Approach

Numerous traditional branding and marketing strategies may be applied in the hopes of pushing your brand on top but the year 2018 has seen the decline in old school marketing plans, giving way to up-to-the-minute content marketing approach that not only looks good but returns with numbers. Even so, the key point is to analyze […]

3 Things To Consider Before Social Media Marketing

You’ve likely been inspired by the many brands online who have tons of followers, amazing content and high engagement rates to consider venturing into social media marketing for your own business. But wait, it’s not all a bed of roses! Using social media for your business is undeniably an awesome tool to boost your sales, […]

Reach Your Business Goals With Your Design

So if I can control the sequence on how you can consume the information I am gonna give it to you on the website, then I know that I can control it in such a way to convince you in the way that I want to.  4-5 years ago, we pioneered the long form design with […]

3 Ways To Increase Brand Loyalty Online

So now that your brand’s social media strategy has caught the attention of your potential clients and customers, what’s next? Get them to keep coming back, of course! Now, even with an awesome product to sell, your social media strategy may not have instilled a sense of loyalty in your customers to keep using your products and continue […]

BBCC – 3 Million Kickass Reach In 3 Tight Weeks

We were able to reach out somewhere around in the region of 2-3 million. Highly targeted audience and on a repetitive basis. We made BBCC memorable. It was one of the most successful product launch online. Watch how we fan the digital flames on BBCC’s billion dollar project with the right strategy and the right […]

Learn how we upped Dr. Ko’s conversions by 300% just by redesigning their website.

After we revamped their website, the website was getting about 50 leads a month… so what this means is that we increase their business by 300% just because the redesigning of their website. Our founder and Managing Director Vince Tan’s number 1 key to digital marketing success is website optimisation, and that’s how Shock Media […]

How Shock Media Studio became the headline for a good cause

The campaign was so successful that I may dare to say it is probably the most successful digital campaign that ever has happened on the first year that we actually started. It was trending on Twitter for couple of days with that #ananakanakamalaysia hashtag alone.   Here’s an in-depth insight from Shock Media Studio’s founder, […]

Shock Growth #1: Business on Facebook. Staying safe, staying ahead.

Imagine this, your started a successful business of running ads on Facebook. Next minute, Facebook decides that they will change the rules. Now your ads gonna cost you double and now you can’t afford to run them anymore. What will you do?   Is your business running on Facebook to get the revenues rolling in? […]

How To Write Better Social Media Copy

Malaysia today is looking at a growing number of internet penetration, about 22 million out of 30 million population in total. That’s CLOSE to 70% of Malaysians browsing around search engines, social media and the works. *Internet penetration briefly means you and everyone else who uses the world wide web on a daily basis as […]

3 Flaws in Facebook Marketing Strategy

3 Flaws in Facebook Marketing Strategy April 11th, 2018Shock Media Studio

7 Steps to Creating Kickass Facebook Ad Campaigns in 2018

7 Steps to Creating Kickass Facebook Ad Campaigns in 2018 January 11th, 2018Shock Media Studio

Breaking News!! Spot the Difference! Where Have All the Shoppers Gone?

Breaking News!! Spot the Difference! Where Have All the Shoppers Gone? January 2nd, 2018Shock Media Studio

Contagious Marketing – Drive more traffic like never before!

Ever wondered why some social media posts get shared over a million times, while others barely get a few meagre likes? What’s the kind of content that will set off a storm for your brand, be the talk of town for weeks to come, and be relentlessly viraled on social media like Facebook and Youtube, […]

Press Release: Shock Media Studio Goes International With a New CEO, Xavier Hoe Cheah How

Press Release: Shock Media Studio Goes International With a New CEO, Xavier Hoe Cheah How September 5th, 2017Shock Media Studio

Coffee Chat with our Customers: Facebook Real Likes vs Fake Likes

So during one of our usual coffee chat with our customers, one marketing guy told us that his boss wants to see more Likes on his Facebook Page, so that it will look more credible and give the impression that it is the preferred choice over its competitors. We had a straight talk that not […]

3 Mega Sources of Traffic for Your Business

3 Mega Sources of Traffic for Your Business If you have been struggling to increase the number of visitors (traffic) to your website, here are some practical and proven tips to create an indomitable online presence. Basically, these are the major traffic sources that you should be focusing on… website, social media, and search engines. […]

5 Hacks to Improve Your Lead Generation Campaign

5 Hacks to Improve Your Lead Generation Campaign Get more leads for your business. As we all know, the more qualified leads you have, the more sales your business will get. Okay, how many of you actually love getting unsolicited calls from telemarketers? The key function of telemarketers is to sieve out warm leads by […]

What’s In Store for You in the Digital Marketing Space in 2017?

What’s In Store for You in the Digital Marketing Space in 2017? April 3rd, 2017Shock Media Studio

Coffee Chat with our Customers: How to Write Like a Wizard and Magically Deliver Conversions

During one of our Coffee Chat brainstorming sessions with our customers about their business, the subject about content marketing was raised. The question was if content marketing still works, and is blogging still worth it? Like it or not, content marketing is part of your digital marketing strategy. If you craft your content well and […]

How to Influence Consumer Decisions on Mobile Devices

How to Influence Consumer Decisions on Mobile Devices February 13th, 2017Shock Media Studio

Shock Media Studio celebrates the 4th Anniversary!

Here’s the video showing some snapshots of who we are. Connect with us on Facebook or contact us at +603-58827008 for that magical Shock Treatment of awesomeness that will bring your business to unprecedented heights. Shock Media Studio celebrates the 4th Anniversary! February 13th, 2017Shock Media Studio

Awesomeness Day : Good Samaritan Home

Awesomeness Day : Good Samaritan Home February 13th, 2017Shock Media Studio

Case Study: How to Increase Leads by 300% and Hit 6-Figure Sales in the 1st Month

Case Study: How to Increase Leads by 300% and Hit 6-Figure Sales in the 1st Month February 13th, 2017Shock Media Studio

Google Search and Google Display Campaigns – Which Should I Use?

After reading our previous article, How to Bring in Local Traffic to Your Local Business, our customer asked us to explain the difference between advertising on Google Display Network and Google Search, and which one they should use to effectively promote their products and services to obtain the highest ROI (Return-On-Investment) possible.   Q: What […]

One of the Youngest, Most Successful Chief Investment Officer in Malaysia Joined a Startup Agency, Shock Media Studio

One of the Youngest, Most Successful Chief Investment Officer in Malaysia Joined a Startup Agency, Shock Media Studio February 13th, 2017Shock Media Studio

Coffee Chats with our Customers: How To Influence Purchase Decisions at the Zero Moment of Truth

Time for another coffee chat! Coffee chats are sessions spent with our customers, sharing strategies to the challenges faced by them. In today’s session, we talked about how to influence the purchase decisions of consumers right at the Zero Moment of Truth. Q: What is the Zero Moment of Truth? The Zero Moment of Truth […]

Internet Retailing in Malaysia Up a Whopping 15%

Internet Retailing in Malaysia Up a Whopping 15% March 27th, 2017Shock Media Studio

How to Get Back Your Ex-Visitors!

How to Get Back Your Ex-Visitors! March 28th, 2017Shock Media Studio

Google Adwords KPI for Search Marketing Campaign

Google Adwords KPI for Search Marketing Campaign March 28th, 2017Shock Media Studio

How to Bring in Local Traffic to Your Local Business

Coffee Chats with our Customers: Local Business Coffee chats are sessions spent with our customers, sharing strategies to the challenges faced by them. In today’s session, we talked about how to bring in local traffic to their local business. What’s the fastest way to ramp up your business on a small budget? Let’s say, you’re […]

The Ultimate Ecommerce Checkout Process

In our last article Ecommerce Satire: A Sure-fire Way to Lose Sales, we talked about some common mistakes that are unwittingly made that will cost you to lose sales and customers right at the checkout stage. So, what’s the ideal checkout process that will double or even triple your sales just by changing a few […]

Generating Revenue VS Spending On Traction

Listen to our CEO, Vince Tan talks about how to juggle between making the right moolahs and making the right move about generating traction, fundraising and growing your business. Please share it with your friends if you find the podcast useful, or leave us a message below if you would like to speak to us […]

Ecommerce Satire: A Sure-fire Way to Lose Sales

In the course of our work, we have worked with hundreds of clients, and we have come across glaring mistakes in the checkout process which are surprisingly common and recurring. So we thought we’d write a satire piece to get our message across, as satire often has a deeper impact and remembered longer. You don’t […]

3 Ways to Tap on Pokemon Go for your Business

Soon, you will see crowds of zombies furiously double-thumbing and swiping their phones, heads down, eyes focused, and walking in a haphazard manner. Fret not, it’s not the apocalypse yet! The world has just been taken over by Pokemon Go craze, the number one game in the Apple app store. The Long and Short Story […]

What’s in Your Social Media Toolkit?

The 5 elements in your Social Media Toolkit determine the level of success in your campaigns. Naturally, people tend to think, “Hey, I know how to use Facebook and Instagram! Why should I pay people to post stuff for me?” Yeah, we get that. But a professionally managed business page is entirely different from your […]

Shock Crew at Work: The Lyricist

Waxing lyrical about Papa Orange In the secret lair of Shock Media Studio, resides the warm Lyricist, who chooses to see the good in everyone. Born with a silver tongue (though I’m sure he wishes it was a silver spoon instead), he can charm the socks off anyone with his natural flow of creative, eloquent […]

Our Services: Facebook Management

Leverage on the expertise of Shock Media Studio to harness the Power of Facebook for your Business. We can help you to create an unforgettable brand personality and reach out to your target audience with Precision Ad Targeting for maximum impact! Whether you are a big brand, or a small local business, we can expand […]

Case Study: Facebook Campaign for Bukit Bintang City Centre (BBCC)

It was thrilling when we were approached to run the Facebook campaign for the maiden launch of Bukit Bintang City Centre (BBCC), a massive landmark development by EcoWorld that will spectacularly transform Kuala Lumpur into a hip and thriving hub forever. And… after working tirelessly creating captivating posts after posts with stunning imagery and bewitching […]

Industry Statistics: Social Media Ad Spending Set to Exceed US$35 Billion

Businesses and advertisers are seeing a higher ROI with their ad spending on their digital ad spending, which is interactive, and captures the attention of today’s consumers who tend to spend prolonged hours in front of the screens on their laptops, desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. With a higher ROI from digital ads, businesses are […]


With the power of the internet, consumers including your potential customers will search for everything and anything online. From a question, a brand, product or even about the next house they are buying.  A brand doesn’t exist unless it is online so even the tiniest company should have a proper and professional web presence. Businesses […]

Brand Personification: Feed Your Hungry Customers!

Brand Personification will help your customers relate to your brand. It is crucial to create an unforgettable brand personality that resonates with your audience. Here are 5 tips on how to personify your brand to stand out from the crowd and stick in the minds of your customers. Humanize your Company. People don’t connect with […]

Shock Crew at Work: Cooking Up Awesomeness

An exclusive sneak peek into our secret lair! We go out of the way to deliver awesomeness! If you have been marvelling at our brilliant work, and wondering how we get it done, and how a typical day (actually, it’s never typical) at Shock Media Studio is like, we reveal how the magic of awesomeness […]

Users Reaction to Facebook’s New Reaction Buttons

Social media is all about engaging the audience, and interacting with them. As such, Facebook has rolled out new Reaction buttons, in addition to its iconic Like button, after months of research and surveys. We like the way the Reaction buttons pop up as you hover over the usual Like button for desktop users, or […]

Tell your Brand Story with Pictures on Instagram!

People follow a brand just because they like it! A stunning, compelling image stays in the minds of the consumer, inspiring a chain of feelings, thoughts and action. Instagram is an amazing social media platform for businesses to showcase their products and services with stunning visuals to capture customers, and get new businesses. Here’s an […]

5 Steps to Create a Compelling Brand Experience

Without an engaging brand experience, you are just another product out there. Captivate the hearts and minds of your customers with an awesome brand experience. Loyal customers have 5-9 times greater conversions than first-time customers. Once you have successfully established brand loyalty, customers are more likely to purchase your brand over your competitors, regardless of […]

Nike Plans to Hit US$7 Billion Through Ecommerce

Keeping it Simple and Personal One of our favourite brands is Nike with its tagline “Just Do It”, which is one of our 7 core values at Shock Media Studio. Here’s a brief case study on how Nike plans to increase its online sales to reach a lofty target of US$7 Billion. According to Marketing Week, […]

Cash in on Your Viral Video

Q: What’s better than a video that has 200k likes and 100k shares? A: Capitalizing and Cashing in on it, of course! 😀 It’s almost the end of the year, and we have time for just one more case study before we wrap it up for the holidays. So one of our Santa Elves (okay, […]

Brewing Coffee and Strategies

So What Does Coffee Have to Do with Strategy? You may be wondering what coffee has to do with strategy. Plenty, when it comes to meeting with our consultants from Shock Media Studio. 😉  As part of our efforts to infuse awesomeness into the digital universe, we regularly meet up with business owners for a […]

3 Steps to Gear Up your Business for the Holiday Shopping

Tis the Season to be Selling! It’s that merry time of the year again when consumer purchases spike upwards to make up for the sluggish sales that most businesses have been experiencing earlier in the year due to a slower economy. Now is the time to get out those promotions and discounts to entice customers, […]

5 Steps to Unleash your Most Awesome Work

How to Stop Hating My Job Many talented people equipped with degrees are working at jobs they hate, with bosses they hate, and wasting productive time dealing with annoying, incompetent colleagues. They can only dream of doing meaningful work in an environment that is free from politicking, working with fantastic, capable colleagues who motivate them, […]

Cherish Malaysian Diversity, Say Mountain Guides

By Stephanie Lee Source: KOTA KINABALU: Sabah’s Mount Kinabalu guides are banding with the #AnakAnakMalaysia campaign knowing fully well that tolerance and unity among the country’s diverse communities are crucial to Malaysia’s success. The guides have already matched words with deeds – they put their lives on the line as they rescued over a […]

We are Anak-Anak Malaysia

Source: KUALA LUMPUR: This Merdeka and Malaysia Day, EcoWorld and The Star invite Malaysians to celebrate the spirit of unity and 58 years of independence with the #AnakAnakMalaysia campaign. This collaboration between Malaysia’s fastest rising property developer – Eco World Development Group Berhad and the nation’s leading English language newspaper will see #AnakAnakMalaysia wristbands […]

Let’s get together and make it happen, says Harith

Source: PETALING JAYA: There was a time when all children born in the country became anak-anak Malaysia. But there are concerns this is less so these days. “We have to make it happen again,” said actor and comedian Harith Iskander. “I am from a generation where we were automatically anak-anak Malaysia but if it […]

How to Target the 21.7 million Smartphone Users in Malaysia

The Importance of Mobile Marketing After chatting with some small family-owned local businesses in our area, this is the common question that they posed to us as web developers. Would an established traditional brick and mortar business that caters local customers need a website? After all, everyone in the vicinity already knows of the business […]

How Building a Raving Team can Propel Your Business into Unprecedented Heights

Corporate Culture is the Heart and Soul of Your Business The corporate culture of a company is the essence of the company that will determine whether it will thrive or eventually rot from within. When building a business, this is the fundamental factor that can launch a new startup off the ground, and it is […]

Awesome Corporate Culture Leads to 300% Growth

Impact of Corporate Culture on Growth In less than 3 years, Shock Media Studio has grown a spectacular 300%, serving over 350 clients from various industries. The founder and director of Shock Media Studio, Vince Tan, has successfully immersed the entire organization into focusing on one mission: Delivering Awesomeness. A really cool digital media agency […]

How to Ensure Mobile-Friendliness on your Website

Now, with all that has been said about Google’s new Mobile Algorithm Update, we are sure that you already realize the importance and impact of having a website that is mobile-ready for your business. However, what exactly does a “mobile-ready” or “mobile-friendly” website mean? 5 Must-Have Features of a Mobile-Ready Website These are the 5 […]

How is the New Google Mobile Update Affecting Your Business?

Google has recently launched the new Google mobile algorithm update. How is your site holding up? Is your website mobile-ready as the new algorithm is being rolled out in stages all over the world? Even Big Brands and Celebrities are Affected We tested a bunch of websites of big international brands and celebrities, and found […]

Don’t Be Punished by Google’s New Mobile Algorithm

Starting from 21st April 2015, Google is having another major shake down on the internet, which will have even greater impact than the Penguin or Panda algorithms. Websites that are not mobile-ready will be punished and dropped, while sites that are mobile-friendly, will float to the top in the search results. What does this mean […]

CASE STUDY – Big A Productions

Put Your Brand in the Spotlight With highly skilled web developers, graphic designers and copywriters working cohesively in a team, Shock Media Studio is set to present your brand in the very best light. When a brand is well presented, it communicates credibility and wins over loyal customers, as well as quality personnel to join […]

CASE STUDY – Crystal Yacht

Double Your Business! Website design, layout, compelling graphics and copywriting make a world of difference to your business. Just a week after revamping the website for one of our clients, Crystal Yacht’s business had been doubled! Shock Media Studio designs websites that are not only stunning, but also, deliver the results that you want. Do […]

3 Critical Factors for a Successful Ecommerce Website

Consumer ecommerce sales grew over 20% in 2013 to US$1.2 trillion, according to the latest new figures release from eMarketer, is set to reach US$2.346 trillion in 2018, with rapid growth in the Asia-Pacific region, and steadily strong growth in the US market. The success of an ecommerce website depends on the following factors:   […]

Shock Media Studio Website Design – Dunham Bush

Dunham-Bush is a pioneer in the air conditioning industry, with over 100 years of manufacturing experience and over 85,000 successful installations with rotary screw compressor chillers around the world. World renowned landmarks Beijing Bird’s Nest Stadium, London Heathrow Airport, Singapore Marina Bay Sands to Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers are among the projects Dunham-Bush had […]

SEO Packages, Malaysia

SEO Malaysia are packaged differently depending on how many keywords you would like to target, and also depending on the length of the optimization period that you choose. The more the keywords, and the longer the optimization period, the higher the price. Also, go with a reputed SEO company in Malaysia. It is better to […]

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