Yes we are fun people to work with, and we are probably the 1% of the world population that enjoy what we do. If you are fun, positive, and you think you have the right attitude and character, and you want to stop bitching about your current job or bosses, then talk to us

Please be warned, we are way too fun.

Everyone in Shock Media Studio works hard to build great things together and do things THAT MATTER! Best of all, we play even harder!

Sales Consultants / Senior Sales Consultants

Do you love to sell and close deals? Is persuasion your passion? Do you love to always bargain, even for that 10 sen discount?

Do you wish there are 48 hours in a day and that the sun doesn’t set, so that you can meet just that one extra prospect? Do you wish to finally sell products and services that can help businesses grow phenomenally in the digital world? This is your turn to show the world what we have to offer!

Our services range from building websites, eCommerce, SEO, Facebook management and more. It doesn’t matter if you have no prior experience in this market because 90% of our sales team members do not have prior industry experience as well. As long as you have the skill to sell, everything else can be trained.

We happen to have really great services that over 350 clients have enjoyed tremendously over the first 2 years of our existence. Our founder has over 10 years of online marketing experience and we are on our way to becoming the market leader and top 3 independent digital agency in Malaysia and South East Asia within the next 3 years. You will be joining a champion team that sells solid services that you can confidently offer to business owners! A plus point is that our commission scale is one of the highest in the industry!

We are looking for super ninja sales people that can sell ice to Eskimos or refrigerators to Icelanders! We need you to turn our awesome products and services into beyond awesomeness!

JOIN a winning team that wants to be the best
SELL great products and services that people love
GROW with the company from top 10 to market leader

Your responsibilities include:
– Generate leads and meet prospects to introduce and sell our services
– Meeting and even going beyond the sales target
– Plan and implement sales strategies
– Drive all aspects of sales and business development
– Maintain and enhance existing customer base and develop new market opportunities
– Enjoy meeting and persuading people

– Candidates must have their own transport
– Required language : English
– 1 to 2 years of experience in sales will be great
– Senior sales are welcome too!
– Possess lots of energy and positivity!

Full-Time position(s) available!

Creative Web & Graphic Designers

Are you a digital designer on a mission to create world class websites, graphics and artwork that is appreciated by millions of people worldwide?

Do you want to join the ranks of superstars who work with you to create mind-blowing results that change the world?

Are you looking for that one chance of a lifetime for a breakthrough?

This is your one chance to make it and show the world what you can do!

We are looking for the designer to play a pivotal role in designing the coolest websites on earth. As part of a superhero team, you get to stretch your limits, shape and develop the way you want to work to achieve results you never thought possible.

You will need have a flair for web & graphic design, an excellent sense of taste and style, a passion for Miss Photoshop and Mr Illustrator, and an affair with WORDPRESS/HTML/CSS as well.

Collaborate with awesome Shock team mates to bring ideas alive from concept to design to development across various media and channels, and watch your ideas change lives and rock the world!

As the icing on the cake, you will learn how your designs influence the audience from the Shock founders who have over 10 years of online marketing experience and sold millions on the internet at a time when internet was barely available in Malaysia.

Join the Shock Team and we’ll bring out the best in you to create masterpieces that surpass even the great Picasso. We are not kidding when we say, you will never be the same again.

• Candidate must possess at least a Diploma, Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma, in Art/Design/Creative Multimedia or equivalent.

• Required language(s): English, Chinese.

• Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop is a must.

• Functional knowledge of using CSS and Content Management System (CMS) will be an added advantage.

• At least 1 year of working experience in the related field is required for this position. Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply

• Applicant is advised to include links / attachments of your previous artwork(s) or web sites designed in your CV.

Full-Time position(s) available!

Client Experience Managers


  • Responsible for the strategy and execution of digital experience: website, social media, applications and more.
  • Play a critical role in the articulation of clients’ brands across app applicable digital channels
  • Support the company and clients’ marketing goals, and manage all aspects of the digital assets
  • Responsible for social media properties (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram , etc) and work closely with the marketing team to craft social communication strategy
  • Research new marketing technology and incorporate into digital marketing solutions for clients
  • Keep track of workflow to ensure all jobs are delivered timely and in order
  • Any other work as may be instructed by the Management from time to time

Required qualifications

  • Minimum 1 year of relevant working experience in relevant industry
  • Meticulous, organized and efficient with a flair for writing
  • Excellent attention to details for both line editing copy and consistency in style and tone for individual client
  • Able to contribute ideas and execute creative campaigns
  • Knowledge of and interest in technology & digital industry

Full-Time position(s) available!

Web Developer / Programmer / Software Engineer / Ninja Coder

if (you=super_coder) and (you=wish_to_impact_the_world) then (we=want_to_empower_you)

We are on the mission to turn your codes into world class systems for millions of people worldwide!

This is your chance to prove that geeks rule the world. Our founder is a self-proclaim geek (written on his namecard) who had Internet access even before the Internet existed in Malaysia!

We are looking for kickass ninja coders who can turn any requirements into reality. You will be developing systems and campaigns that launch businesses into phenomenal growth, and watch your work go viral and impact the lives of thousands, if not millions of people! Stop doing boring stuff. Your work deserves a better audience!

Your awesomeness responsibilities include:

– Serving up PHP and MySQL as your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper!

– HTML / CSS / JS / jQuery are your good buddies too (hopefully)

– Knowledgeable and experienced in development standards, frameworks, and web standards

– And we will not blame you if you are also having affairs with some android and iOS

Join the ranks of the awesome team at Shock Media Studio and show us your super coding skills. We are not kidding when we say, you will never be the same again, once you enter the Shock atmosphere.

Full-Time position(s) available!

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