November 10, 2016 Shock Media Studio

Case Study: How to Increase Leads by 300% and Hit 6-Figure Sales in the 1st Month

Anyone can create a website, but it takes a team who knows the ins and outs of digital marketing to create a website that instantly delivers phenomenal results again and again.

Leads soared over 200% in just a week after our Shock Team revamped the website for our client, Dr. Ko Skin Specialist, and within a month, it resulted in a total of over 300% increase of leads and sales for their e-commerce website as well!

Here are a few time tested strategies on how you can do just that.

1) Stunning graphics that portray the persona of your brand


First impression is very important. Your website must be able to captivate the visitors the moment they land on your website. Take their breath away with beautiful graphics and compelling copywriting that motivates them to want to get to know you more and connect with your brand. Using our proprietary Shock Persona methodology, we are able to bring out your unique brand personality that appeals to your audience and inspires action.

2) Seamless browsing and excellent user experience

Gone are the days of boring, static click type of websites. The audience now demands to be impressed. Impressive websites reflect upon your brand, and carry perceived credibility and trustworthiness. Plan your website from start to end, and ensure that your user will have seamless browsing and a pleasant and memorable user experience on your website. And remember, if you need help, our Shock Digital Specialist is just a phone call away. Call +603 5882 7008 to schedule your appointment.

3) Accessible across all devices


People own multiple devices in today’s world. Ensure that your website is accessible on all devices, from laptops, computers, mobile phones and tablets. Make sure that the layout, fonts, and graphics looks great on all devices.

4) Add a Chat button

Little things make a big difference. Just by adding a little Chat button strategically on the website, you can double up the rate of your customer responses!

5) Develop an App for your Brand


Create Customer Loyalty to your Brand by developing an app that allows your customers to connect to your business easily with just one tap. We developed an app for our client to make things convenient for their customers, and they are now receiving daily appointments through the app. Contact our Shock Team if you would like an app developed for your business too!

Our founder and CEO of Shock Media Studio has over 10 years of online marketing experience, having personally launched and marketed millions worth of products online. Harnessing on his track record and proven digital marketing skills, our client had an ROI of 300% for their e-commerce website, generating RM120,000 worth of sales within the first month of launch!

If you would like us to chart out a cutting-edge digital marketing plan for your business, call us up at +603 5882 7008 or leave us a message below to schedule an appointment with our Digital Strategist.

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