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Cash in on Your Viral Video

Cash in on Your Viral Video-2b

Q: What’s better than a video that has 200k likes and 100k shares?

A: Capitalizing and Cashing in on it, of course! 😀

It’s almost the end of the year, and we have time for just one more case study before we wrap it up for the holidays.
So one of our Santa Elves (okay, so ‘twas one of our Shock consultants in a green dress ~ we try to have fun while we work 🙂 ) sat across the client in a cosy cafe, enjoying the fragrant aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
It’s gonna be an interesting discussion this time. The client had a problem.
A viral video with 200k likes and 100 shares, a huge spike in traffic, some interest, and then it fizzled out to nothing. Ziltch.
WHAT? No sales? With a viral video?? I can almost hear you screaming silently in your head in disbelief.
Yep. You got that right. It was like fireworks which sparked and died out almost spontaneously, and forgotten thereafter. It was sad.

“So, What Can I do?” Asked the Client.

Well, these are the 3 steps that we recommended:

Step 1 
We recommend a better and more consistent Facebook Page management. You need to update your Facebook Page with fresh, interesting content all the time, week after week, after week, rain or shine. Your customers must be able to rely on you to give them something relevant and interesting like clockwork. Reliability builds trust. After all, the reason they liked your page is so that they can follow your updates in their newsfeed. And once they trust your brand, they’ll look to you whenever they need something. They know that they can count on you to deliver when it matters most.

Step 2
Use Facebook Ads to target new audience and extend your reach to gain new followers, so that you can have an even larger base of fans to market to. The larger your pool of followers, the more people you get to connect with, the greater the chances of converting them into customers. Sales is after all, a numbers game. And if you manage them well, they are likely to be your repeat customers too!

Step 3
Capitalize on the viral video to gain a huge base of followers on your Page, so that you will be able to reach out wider range of audience with every post. As you already know that this video is very popular, extend its lifespan by boosting the video using Facebook Ads, so that it will stay longer on the top of the newsfeed of your followers, so that even more people are able to see the video and respond by liking or sharing it.

“But I’m Too Busy to Update My Facebook Page all the Time!”

And THAT is where we come in to help. We’ll help you to plan out your Facebook page post contents. We go to the ground to understand your customers, relate with them, and bring them fresh content which they will find inspiring and relevant, so that not only will they stay on your page, they’ll share it with their friends too! And we’ll ensure that your Facebook page gets regularly updated with catchy, riveting content that your fans are sure to appreciate, including your latest product promotions.

Just call us at +603 5882 7008 and we’ll be happy to map out a Facebook content strategy for you.

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