Reach Your Business Goals With Your Design

So if I can control the sequence on how you can consume the information I am gonna give it to you on the website, then I know that I can control it in such a way to convince you in the way that I want to. 

4-5 years ago, we pioneered the long form design with the goal to lead website visitors to exactly where you want them – be it sales, leads, enquiries or a phone call.
And guess what, it worked even better than we could have imagined.

#ShockSuccessStories Ep.4

Take Away Tips:
The key to increasing conversions on your website is in its design.

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BBCC – 3 Million Kickass Reach In 3 Tight Weeks

We were able to reach out somewhere around in the region of 2-3 million. Highly targeted audience and on a repetitive basis. We made BBCC memorable. It was one of the most successful product launch online.

Watch how we fan the digital flames on BBCC’s billion dollar project with the right strategy and the right tool.Time was not on our side when we were presented with the upcoming launch of Bukit Bintang City Centre, Kuala Lumpur’s benchmark in progress.
With a tight budget and a tighter timeframe, we got things done in style.

#ShockSuccessStories Ep.3

Take Away Tips:
It is not about throwing in a lot of money.
It is about performance marketing and how we optimize to maximize the reach and to minimize the cost per click and the cost per view.

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Learn how we upped Dr. Ko’s conversions by 300% just by redesigning their website.

After we revamped their website, the website was getting about 50 leads a month… so what this means is that we increase their business by 300% just because the redesigning of their website.

Our founder and Managing Director Vince Tan’s number 1 key to digital marketing success is website optimisation,
and that’s how Shock Media Studio helped Dr. Ko turn their online conversions around from 50 leads a month into staggering results.

#ShockSuccessStories Ep.2

Take Away Tips:
Optimise your website! Every percent increased of conversion means that extra money are added into your pocket or into your business.

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How Shock Media Studio became the headline for a good cause

The campaign was so successful that I may dare to say it is probably the most successful digital campaign that ever has happened on the first year that we actually started. It was trending on Twitter for couple of days with that #ananakanakamalaysia hashtag alone.


Here’s an in-depth insight from Shock Media Studio’s founder,
Vince Tan on the young digital agency’s journey to greater heights, just two years into operation.

#ShockSuccessStories Ep.1

Take Away Tips:
Leverage on key events that is happening in Malaysia (Mothers’ Day, Valentines’ Day, Merdeka Day).
Tie up campaigns to specific events and do it tastefully with the right execution and strategy. 

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Case Study: How to Increase Leads by 300% and Hit 6-Figure Sales in the 1st Month

Anyone can create a website, but it takes a team who knows the ins and outs of digital marketing to create a website that instantly delivers phenomenal results again and again.

Leads soared over 200% in just a week after our Shock Team revamped the website for our client, Dr. Ko Skin Specialist, and within a month, it resulted in a total of over 300% increase of leads and sales for their e-commerce website as well!

Here are a few time tested strategies on how you can do just that.

1) Stunning graphics that portray the persona of your brand


First impression is very important. Your website must be able to captivate the visitors the moment they land on your website. Take their breath away with beautiful graphics and compelling copywriting that motivates them to want to get to know you more and connect with your brand. Using our proprietary Shock Persona methodology, we are able to bring out your unique brand personality that appeals to your audience and inspires action.

2) Seamless browsing and excellent user experience

Gone are the days of boring, static click type of websites. The audience now demands to be impressed. Impressive websites reflect upon your brand, and carry perceived credibility and trustworthiness. Plan your website from start to end, and ensure that your user will have seamless browsing and a pleasant and memorable user experience on your website. And remember, if you need help, our Shock Digital Specialist is just a phone call away. Call +603 5882 7008 to schedule your appointment.

3) Accessible across all devices


People own multiple devices in today’s world. Ensure that your website is accessible on all devices, from laptops, computers, mobile phones and tablets. Make sure that the layout, fonts, and graphics looks great on all devices.

4) Add a Chat button

Little things make a big difference. Just by adding a little Chat button strategically on the website, you can double up the rate of your customer responses!

5) Develop an App for your Brand


Create Customer Loyalty to your Brand by developing an app that allows your customers to connect to your business easily with just one tap. We developed an app for our client to make things convenient for their customers, and they are now receiving daily appointments through the app. Contact our Shock Team if you would like an app developed for your business too!

Our founder and CEO of Shock Media Studio has over 10 years of online marketing experience, having personally launched and marketed millions worth of products online. Harnessing on his track record and proven digital marketing skills, our client had an ROI of 300% for their e-commerce website, generating RM120,000 worth of sales within the first month of launch!

If you would like us to chart out a cutting-edge digital marketing plan for your business, call us up at +603 5882 7008 or leave us a message below to schedule an appointment with our Digital Strategist.

Google Adwords KPI for Search Marketing Campaign

Take the guesswork out of your marketing with these KPIs for Google Adwords Search Marketing Campaign.

Are you achieving your marketing goals? Use these Google Adwords Key Performance Indexes (KPI) to measure the performance of your website and the direct results of your Google Ads.

Different marketing goals will require different marketing strategies. If you’re aiming for a high user interaction (high click-through-rate), or high conversions (number of sales or leads), we highly recommend the Google Search Campaign strategy to target people who are searching for products or services like yours on Google.

Google Search Marketing Campaign

Search marketing campaign on Google offers very highly targeted and relevant audience who are actively searching and ready to purchase

Here’s a short glossary of the critical KPIs that you should be looking at to measure the success of your digital advertisement campaigns, and the performance of your website.

For example, let’s take a snapshot of one of our running Search campaigns.



stands for Impressions. It shows how many people saw your ads. In this case, your ads have been shown as many as 41,276 times.

Avg. CPC

stand for Average Cost Per Click. The statistics show that it costs only 33 sen per click for this campaign (ie, it only costs 33 sen to bring in a new potential customer to your website. (Usually, it costs RM2 – RM5 per click, or even more in more competitive industries, sometimes going up to even as high as RM20 per click.)


shows the total cost we have spent. In this case, we have spent RM2,792.37 to acquire 8,367 new potential customers, which is pretty good value for money.


shows the number of people who are interested enough in your Ad to click on it and visit your website. For this campaign, it shows that your Ads brought a total number of 8,367 visitors to your website. For further analysis of user engagement, we have to look at your Analytics to analyse how long they stayed on your website or page to measure user engagement. Eg. If they stayed over a minute on a page, then followed by browsing of other pages on your website, this shows a highly interested potential customer. It is then up to the performance of your website to convert that browsing visitor into a customer.


shows the cost of each conversion. In this case, it means that it costs RM42.26 for each transaction or lead. Hence, if each customer purchases an average of RM200-RM300 on your website, the conversion cost of RM42.26 is still well worth it for you to continue advertising on Google. (Or, if your goal is to acquire leads and each lead is worth RM500 to you, then spending RM42.26 per lead is money well spent.) The cost per conversion can be brought down further with a highly performing website which increases the rate of your conversions.


stands for Click-Through-Rate. CTR measures the percentage of people who viewed your ad and take action to visit your website. In this case, it shows that your ads have been viewed 41,276 times, and out of that, 8,367 people visited your website, which is a whopping 20.27%!

This means that out of 100 people who viewed your ads, 20 people will visit your website, which shows a phenomenal success in terms of the effectiveness of the ads and keywords. (Industry CTR is usually 1-2% only.) This shows that the target audience is correct and that the ads effective to bring them in.

With such highly effective and successful campaign, we highly recommend boosting up your ads budget to bring in even more visitors to your website.


show the number of people who have purchased something on your website from clicking the ads, or sent you their details, if you’re looking for leads. Once we have driven the potential customers to your website using Google Ads, it is now the job of your website to convert all these visitors into your customers or leads. If your website is effective, then you will have high conversions. But if your website is not effective at selling or convincing your visitors, then you will have low conversions. (Contact us if you want us to revamp your website into a highly performing one.)

Shock Media Studio is a qualified Google Partner with Certified Google Adwords Professionals in our team that specializes in Search Marketing Campaigns. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we work tirelessly to tweak your ads for you till they bring in the results you want. Contact us at +603-58827008 or leave us a message below, and we’ll show you something your competitors don’t want you to know!

Case Study: Facebook Campaign for Bukit Bintang City Centre (BBCC)

It was thrilling when we were approached to run the Facebook campaign for the maiden launch of Bukit Bintang City Centre (BBCC), a massive landmark development by EcoWorld that will spectacularly transform Kuala Lumpur into a hip and thriving hub forever.

And… after working tirelessly creating captivating posts after posts with stunning imagery and bewitching copy, we are pleased to present to you our RESULTS!

Page Likes Increased by 312%

In just 3 weeks, we managed to increase the fan base of BBCC by 312%! The new fans that were garnered were targeted, interested and active fans (not just some random fans), making a total of 117,020 interactions, 110,333 likes, 642 comments, and as many as 6,045 shares of posts!

The Facebook posts were made up of an effective combination of photos, links, and videos, with photos making up 76% of the interactions.

Here are some samples of the Top Contents that received an overwhelming response from the fans. Obviously, they are rocking it!


BBCC post1a BBCC post2a BBCC post3a

Photo is The Most Engaging Post Type

Most Engaging Post

We posted several types of posts, including photos, videos, and links. Photos or images were the most engaging post types, making up 76% of interactions, or 89.8k interactions which included likes, comments and shares.


Posts were Shared 6,045 Times

Distribution of Interactions

We are ecstatic that the Facebook page posts won 110,333 of total likes. However, the true compliment is when people like the posts so much that they share the post on their page, thus stretching the audience reach even further to the friends of the fans, resulting in a consequential increase to the Page Likes and fan base too. Some of the posts were shared 6,045 times!

Now even after the aggressive campaigning period is over, the BBCC Facebook page has taken on a life of its own with unstoppable organic growth!

Rinse and Repeat the Proven Track Record

Shock Media Studio specializes in creating astounding results that you gotta experience in order to believe it! Call us at +603-58827008 or Leave us a Message below, and let us work the magic for your business too!


With the power of the internet, consumers including your potential customers will search for everything and anything online. From a question, a brand, product or even about the next house they are buying.  A brand doesn’t exist unless it is online so even the tiniest company should have a proper and professional web presence. Businesses are solution provider and you want to be there when your customers are looking for solution.

A Great Website Equals To Greater Trade Racket!

Research shows that around 40% consumers are more willingly to contact a business that has a website than those who don’t. It is a strong indication that web presence increase a business credibility.

From a consumer point of view, a good website should have clear and smart layout to work with. The most cost effective way to reach customer through different screen sizes (laptop, tablet & mobile) while maintaining clear and smart layout is to have a RESPONSIVE website. Responsive websites adjust the contents and layout according to screen sizes and save you thousands of Ringgit from creating different websites for different screen sizes.

Users are interacting with your brand while browsing your website. The browsing experience imply your brand experience and affects the age-old decision; to buy or not to buy. Instead of letting a bland and bleak website affect your brand credibility and your business, it is important to have a convincing website that converts your potential customers into customers.

We have seen many well-established business with a website not up to par with their business quality suffer from delivering the real value to the online community. However by revamping the website, we’re able to increase the sales by 200% by just revamping their websites.


Website That Hurts Your Business

A website’s image is as important as the image of the salesperson, the first line of infantry. Research shows that consumers avoid companies with a bad or nonstandard web pages and the definition of bad websites includes ugly layouts and/or contents with typos and misspellings.

The result is clear that having a website is not enough, even worse when your company has a ‘wrong’ website to begin with. Your website needs to keep up with the standards expected by your customers in order to create the right kind of impression to your business. If else, your website might be the reason you are losing out to your competitors.

In fact, the right website can drive your leads up by a whopping 300%!

Your Website As Your Salesperson, Round-The-Clock

The main reason to cause annoyance among your potential customer is when they are not able to find information about your products and services online especially contact information and pricing details. On the other hand, they do not like to wait to get answers they are looking for thus they do not favor callback option or either completing forms to obtain basic information.

Although it is common sense to know that people turn to the web for solutions, not many businesses realize to ‘answer the question’ while building their website. It is important to understand what kind of information your users are looking for and make it easy for them to find the information they are looking for.

Finally, after reading the article you might still think that you do not need a website because of your major revenue comes from your physical stores. However, your website is still a first and foremost a critical contact point when people search for solutions or your business online. It is important to have a well-designed, mobile-friendly and search-optimized website to ensure you grab the sales opportunity when your customer is looking for you unless you think that it is ok to have a bad brand presence and ignore your potential customers online.

Shock Media Studio is a digital agency providing consultancy, planning and solution for business to grow online. Backed by 13 years of digital marketing experience, Shock Media Studio has collaborated with more than 350 clients and constantly reaching millions of consumer every week.
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Users Reaction to Facebook’s New Reaction Buttons

Social media is all about engaging the audience, and interacting with them.

As such, Facebook has rolled out new Reaction buttons, in addition to its iconic Like button, after months of research and surveys. We like the way the Reaction buttons pop up as you hover over the usual Like button for desktop users, or press and hold on the Like button, for mobile users.


It was a nice surprise for Facebook users, as they have been wanting a little more than just “Like” to express their feelings in regards to a post. We find that people are reacting well to this Reaction button, loving the fact that it gives them more options to express their feelings about a post, which are, Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry.


It makes sense, as people were starting find it annoying to click a “Like” button on a post about tragedy, or sad news. It was getting to be a pet peeve for some people, which gave way to misgivings and grouses about how sadistic it was for people to “Like” bad news, when in actual fact, others were just clicking “Like” to show their support. But now, all that is a thing of the past, as people now have more options to express their feelings.

shock minion

However, Facebook did not include Dislike as a Reaction button, because Facebook prefers to focus on positive social interactions, according to Bob Baldwin, who was responsible for many of Facebook’s popular features, and expressing a negative sentiment would not be as valuable as expressing a positive one. Sometimes, when people are having a rough day, a nice comment from a friend goes a long way, he said.

In our opinion, the new Facebook Reaction Buttons are a nice touch for user engagement and to encourage user interaction, so that Facebook, as a social media platform, will continue to stay relevant to users, well ahead of new competition.

The Shock Team is a pro at creating unforgettable, funny, stunning and engaging Facebook posts. Contact us at +603-58827008 if you need help with your Facebook management, or Leave Us a Message below, and we’ll get right back to you (as soon as we grab our mouse back from those yellow Minions!  :P)

Tell your Brand Story with Pictures on Instagram!

People follow a brand just because they like it! A stunning, compelling image stays in the minds of the consumer, inspiring a chain of feelings, thoughts and action.

Instagram is an amazing social media platform for businesses to showcase their products and services with stunning visuals to capture customers, and get new businesses.

Here’s an example of a creative Instagram post done for our client, b.liv, by our awesome Shock Social Team! Kick away the Monday blues, and say hello to Awesomeness Monday. You are what you believe!


The temptation of the lust of the eyes and the pride of life is simpy too irresistible to ignore. So many businesses have seen immense results by marketing on the popular photo-sharing site Instagram.

Here are a few noteworthy examples:


EF Shop, Taiwan’s leading online fashion retailer saw an increase of 10% in website traffic through instagram.

CCTVNEWS, a China-based broadcaster, reached 3.7 million people in the US through the power of Instagram.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese, one of the leading brands in Australia, captured the attention of foodies and experienced a 41% increase in sales.

Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream found that 17% more people became aware of their new flavour after their promotion on Instagram, reaching 9.8 million users.

Integrate your Instagram and your Facebook campaigns

Integrate your Instagram with your Facebook campaigns and see even more powerful results! Here’s the proof.

Mercedes-Benz saw a 580% increase in website visits using Facebook and Instagram ads together.


The Iconic, Australia’s leading online fashion retailer, launched a combined Instagram and Facebook campaign to drive sales of its Autumn/Winter collection, and saw a 23% increase in conversions!

What’s New at Instagram

The business community has always been an integral part of Instagram, and now, Instagram allows you to add up to 5 Instagram accounts, and you can quickly switch between them without having to log out and log back in, making it so much more convenient for managing multiple accounts.

Shock Media Studio is ready to help you with your Instagram campaigns, whether it is to create a new one for your brand, or to manage an existing account. We’ll create a compelling storyline for your company or brand, feature stunning professional photos, and create user engagement with strategies such as running contests, events or giveaways to garner social interaction.

Best of all, combine your Instagram with your Facebook campaign and let’s dominate the world together! Contact us at +603-58827008, or Leave Us a Message below to get the world class plans rolling.


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