Low Cost Methods to Bring Your Offline Business Online

Consumers’ spending behaviour and product preference keep changing from time to time. Research shows that approximately 81% of consumers will search information online before making any purchase.

For example, they will look for reviews online rather than via word of mouth; they prefer seeing nice pictures with interesting captions rather than newspapers or flyers; and they will watch videos rather than television.

Hence, it is important for a traditional business to have an online platform to GENERATE MORE INCOME. Here are a few simple yet practical methods to start bringing your business online – at ZERO or VERY LOW COST!

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Internet Retailing in Malaysia Up a Whopping 15%

We all hear stories of plummeting sales in malls and retail stores, and we conveniently attribute it to the poor economy. However, over a billion Ringgit was spent online last year.

In 2015, internet retailing experienced a phenomenal growth of 15% in Malaysia, with a sales value of over RM 1.8 Billion as consumers chose to purchase online due to convenience, leaving physical retails stores almost empty and gasping for air with plummeting sales.

As consumers are inundated with attractive offers anytime and anywhere they go on multiple devices, the temptation to purchase with the click of the button is simply too irresistible. With the advent of the internet, flash sale prices and season sales are known immediately and it triggers an instant boost of sales, compared to the brick and mortar businesses which tend to rely on banners and local media to drive customers to their shops.

Moving forward, online retail sales is forecasted to grow at an impressive compound annual growth rate of 11% (after adjusting for inflation). (Source: Euromonitor)

The internet retailing market is a tremendously profitable market that will continue to see unsurpassed growth as more and more consumers discover the convenience of ordering online and shopping from anywhere and at anytime.

From the perspective of businesses, the trend of the moment is focused on digital marketing. Advantages for companies when entering the internet retail market are numerous, a few of which are as follows:

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    Easy access to market

    continuous  development of technology.

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    Reduced overheads

    online selling doesn’t require a physical store.

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    Potential for rapid growth

    the reach of potential customers increases.

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    Widen market or exports

    from local customers to global customers.

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    Customer intelligence

    tools to gain detailed insight into customer needs.

Many companies want to enter the online retailing market because they see huge opportunities to grow their business. However, most do not succeed because of the fierce competition and the fact that most digital platforms are not working perfectly. (For your sake, let these mistakes not be made!) There are many factors to consider when creating an online platform which are critical for its success, including the format, visual aspect, payment options (make it easy for customers to pay!), and secure transactions.

Nevertheless, with many years of online marketing success, a wealth of tested and proven strategies and a track record of effective marketing solutions, Shock Media Studio is the right partner to help you create an awesome digital marketing strategy to sell your products or services.

Leverage on our expertise to launch your business online quickly and grab a piece of the billion dollar online retail market. Time and tide waits for no man, so call us now at +603-58827008 or leave us a message below.

We’ll take you from optimizing the design and architecture of your ecommerce website and your crucial payment gateway, all the way through to targeting specific audience and driving customers to your website using cutting edge strategies on social media, search engine marketing, and more, to make your business unforgettable with seamless customer experience.

The Ultimate Ecommerce Checkout Process

In our last article Ecommerce Satire: A Sure-fire Way to Lose Sales, we talked about some common mistakes that are unwittingly made that will cost you to lose sales and customers right at the checkout stage. So, what’s the ideal checkout process that will double or even triple your sales just by changing a few things?

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience

Make things easy for your customers. Give them a convenient and hassle-free process to make the payment in just a few quick steps (before they change their mind or get distracted by other tempting offers).

  1.  After they have selected the product, lead them straight to the payment gateway, with a short form requiring only Name, Address, Phone Number and Email. (They can choose to checkout as Guest, or log in, if they had earlier registered as a member.)
  2. Once they have completed the info that is necessary for shipping and communication, lead them straight away to the credit card details page for payment already.
  3. Any potential errors or omissions in the information can be rectified through communication via emails or phone later on AFTER the payment has been made.  🙂

Make the payment process as painless as possible to facilitate the sales. Capture the critical sales first, then do the other marketing activities later.

“But I want the customers to sign up as a member, so that I can send them marketing information later on.”

Yeah, we get that. After the sale is completed, you can email them with tempting offers to sign up as a member, perhaps, a RM10 discount code for their next order, or an exclusive free gift, as an incentive for them to complete the membership sign up.

That follow-up serves as a nice customer experience too, to have a follow-up email after a purchase has been made. Chances are high that the customers will return for more purchases if they have had a wonderful customer experience on your website. Give them a good reason to return.


For more creative marketing ideas, contact us at +603-58827008 or Leave us a Message below. We’ll take you from optimizing the design and architecture of your ecommerce website and your crucial payment gateway, all the way through to targeting specific audience and driving customers to your website via social media, SEO and Adwords, and painlessly increasing your sales with awesome customer experience.

Ecommerce Satire: A Sure-fire Way to Lose Sales

In the course of our work, we have worked with hundreds of clients, and we have come across glaring mistakes in the checkout process which are surprisingly common and recurring. So we thought we’d write a satire piece to get our message across, as satire often has a deeper impact and remembered longer.

You don’t want to lose visitors at the final stage of the checkout process, after having spent so much effort, money and resources on creating a kickass ecommerce site and paying top dollars for qualified and targeted traffic! Urgh! So here’s what you should NOT do.

Complicated Checkout that Challenges the Patience of your Potential Customers

Don’t make it easy for your customers to pay. Annoy them enough, and they will leave your website alone. Here are some steps that will do just that.

  1.  Once they have selected their order and wish to make payment, require them to do multiple, unnecessary actions like filling up a lot of forms, instead of leading them straight to the payment section.
  2.  Have them click on buttons that say “Proceed to checkout”, but instead of taking them to the payment page, require them to sign up for a membership first before you allow them to pay.
  3.  Once they have completed the lengthy membership form, require them to leave the page, and log into their email account, find the verification email, read the email, find the verification link and click on it, before redirecting them back to your website.
  4. Prove them wrong when they think they’re done and think that now they can pay for the purchase. Have confusing notes around the checkout which they must read and try to figure out why they aren’t being taken to the payment section yet, and they’re still stuck at the forms section after clicking for the umpteenth time on the Checkout button.
  5. Make them tinker around the page for awhile before they realize that they need to click yet another Payment button in a different section before they can get to the credit card info page to enter their credit card details and verification to actually make the payment.

You may be surprised, but many ecommerce websites have this complicated checkout process!

If by now those determined ones haven’t given up and they successfully made it all the way to payment, congratulations, you have a few really serious buyers who truly want that latest gadget or exclusive dress or that ultimate toy for their kid, can’t get it anywhere else, and is willing to do fill in as many forms and click as many buttons as needed to make the payment to get it.

Unfortunately, many more others would have given up, or had other distractions of life call them away from their initial purchase intention. And that means a loss of actual sales for you. And the amount could be significant. It’s really heartbreaking to have visitors land on your web page, and follow through the entire sales funnel, only to drop off at the checkout page.

We hope you get the message, and take this moment to re-evaluate your own ecommerce checkout process.

Sometimes, we may have blind spots where we can’t see our own mistakes, even if they may be obvious, and need someone else to point them out to us. If you need a professional to look over your ecommerce website and suggest improvements, feel free to contact us at +603-58827008 or Leave us a Message below.

Nike Plans to Hit US$7 Billion Through Ecommerce


Keeping it Simple and Personal

One of our favourite brands is Nike with its tagline “Just Do It”, which is one of our 7 core values at Shock Media Studio.

Here’s a brief case study on how Nike plans to increase its online sales to reach a lofty target of US$7 Billion.

According to Marketing Week, Nike has currently hit over US$1 Billion in annual sales, and is now planning to achieve US$7 billion by 2020 using digital marketing and ecommerce. Having invested in digital and mobile strategies over the last few years, Nike announced a 50% growth of its online sales in its recent second quarter sales results, hence it makes sense for them to go all out and put their money into a proven strategy that works. The growth in ecommerce sales has contributed to a 20% increase of profits for Nike.

Nike Quote

“Digital allows us to depen the relationships we already have with consumers by tailoring every interaction to their specific needs.” – Mike Parker, CEO, Nike

Going forward, their strategy is to focus on making the user experience simple and personal on their website Nike.com. Keeping the web contents relatable to consumers, leads to returning customers.


Seamless Commerce

Nike plans to drive customers to Nike Stores using mobile marketing. Even while the shoppers are in the Nike Stores, Nike encourages them to login virtually to their ecommerce platform using their mobile devices with incentives such as free returns and reward points. This brilliant strategy where people can shop online and in-store simultaneously, prevents people from leaving the Nike stores simply because they can’t find what they are looking for.


What are Your Business Plans for 2016?

The world’s most favourite sportswear maker has started its ecommerce transformation since 2012, and is on its way to exponential growth explosion of sales. What about you?

If you would like a similar experience for your business, leave us a message below and we’ll put together a comprehensive digital strategy for you.

So what are you waiting for? Call us now and end your 2016 with a big bang of sales explosion!



How Nike plans to turn ecommerce into a $7bn business

3 Steps to Gear Up your Business for the Holiday Shopping

Santa Claus super flying with christmas presents

Santa Claus super flying with christmas presents

Tis the Season to be Selling!

It’s that merry time of the year again when consumer purchases spike upwards to make up for the sluggish sales that most businesses have been experiencing earlier in the year due to a slower economy.
Now is the time to get out those promotions and discounts to entice customers, and reach out to the masses by getting the word out about your products and services.

Here are 3 steps to ramp up your sales and fill your coffers with kaa-chinggg !

Step 1: Build Awareness

Start building brand awareness months before the holiday season. Make sure that your marketing messages reach consumers across various channels and screens, both large and small. Over 80% of shoppers in Malaysia are increasingly shopping online and using multi-devices seamlessly, from pc to desktops, to smartphones and tablets.
Hence, it is essential to ensure that your websites are responsive, adjusting and optimizing automatically to cater to different screen sizes on different devices, so that you don’t lose out on the sales when people are shopping online on your site.

Step 2: Influence Purchases and Drive Sales

Start intensifying your marketing efforts during the festive month as the purchasing frenzy escalates towards the festive day and peaks with last minute shopping.
However, unlike past years, savvy shoppers are spending increasingly more time researching the products and services before they make a purchase, and significantly more sales were made online compared to previous years . According to research, a whopping 78% of shoppers turned to the internet to research for holiday gifts, and as many as 40% of purchases were done online.
In these tough economic times, hard earned money is precious, therefore shoppers prefer to shop wisely by finding out more details about the products that they are interested in, reading peer reviews, and comparing places where they can get it cheaper, as well as which brand is better, before they make the purchase decision either online or offline.
This is your golden opportunity to get online and establish your brand and convince shoppers that your products or services are worthy of their purchase.

Step 3: Turn Customers into Raving Fans

Once the festivities are over, your job is still not done yet. It’s now time to turn your new and old customers into raving fans. Appreciate them and get repeat sales with loyalty offers, promo codes for referrals, and more. Put on your thinking cap and just get creative!

Need Help?

Do you have great products, and need a little online marketing help? Don’t fret, we’re here to help you! We have over 10 years of internet marketing, having sold millions of dollars worth of products online, and we have helped over 500 businesses and counting!
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CASE STUDY – Crystal Yacht

Double Your Business!

Website design, layout, compelling graphics and copywriting make a world of difference to your business. Just a week after revamping the website for one of our clients, Crystal Yacht’s business had been doubled!

Shock Media Studio designs websites that are not only stunning, but also, deliver the results that you want. Do not underestimate the power of effective website design.


A Combination of Science and Art

Based on scientific studies of visitor heat maps of website layouts, Shock Media Studio’s talented team of graphic designers creates mesmerizing images and videos, coupled with compelling words that captivates visitors and motivates them to take instant action, whether it is to purchase an item, book a vacation, or simply to make an enquiry.


Strategic Video Placement

Although there was a video on the old website of Crystal Yacht, but the video was not given prominence, and it does not run the moment the visitors land on the page. Hence, the video is often overlooked, and does not appeal to customers to click to view it. The nice photos of the cruises are placed vertically; hence, they are not immediately visible, unless the visitor takes the effort to scroll down to view them.

When placed in the right position on the web layout, videos and moving images are indeed a great visitor capture and converting tool. Stunning videos draw the visitors that land on your page in to stay on your page, and watch that spellbinding advertisement about your business and what you have to offer them, while allowing their own imagination to offer them a fore taste of that fantasy experience.

After an entire revamp of the website, our web developers turned the entire above-board area (the area of the website where you do not have to scroll down to view) into a beautiful, running advertisement video for the business, with the brand and tagline prominently featured right in the middle of the video, and active Call-To-Action Button, conveniently inviting visitors to “Book Your Cruises”.


Appeal to Consumer Psychology

This subtle branding appeals to the subconscious mind as it is much understated, yet it appears throughout the progression of the video. The simple Call-To-Action Button that turns white when visitors mouse over it, right in the middle of the awesome video, just under tagline “The World’s Most Beautiful Experience” which appeals to the imagination, motivates visitors to click on the button to start the process of booking their dream cruise vacation.


Call Shock Media Studio at +603 5882 7008 today, and see what our team can do for you.

3 Critical Factors for a Successful Ecommerce Website

Consumer ecommerce sales grew over 20% in 2013 to US$1.2 trillion, according to the latest new figures release from eMarketer, is set to reach US$2.346 trillion in 2018, with rapid growth in the Asia-Pacific region, and steadily strong growth in the US market.

The success of an ecommerce website depends on the following factors:


Make It Convenient for Customers to Shop

Although this is an obvious factor, many ecommerce websites are unknowingly making customers jump through many hurdles just to give you their money. Most ecommerce websites are built by technically savvy guys who are not marketers. The shopping process involves so many steps and forms which the customer has to fill up, before they can make a purchase. This puts many customers off, and results in incomplete transactions, leading to low sales, and leaving many online business owners wondering why.

The web development team at Shock Media Studio are not only technically savvy, but we are marketers ourselves too. We know what it takes to make a sale online. And we highly value every single visitor and customer. As such, we design websites that are very user-friendly, and functions which are no-brainers. Shoppers are able to find what they want, and pay for it in just a few simple clicks. It is convenient and fast.


Accessible Across Multi-Devices

With the advance of technology, smartphones and tablets have become easily accessible and affordable. As such, mobile shopping has seen a growth rate of 11% in 2013, and now accounts for 20% of ecommerce sales. In fact, most users now have multi-devices which they use to search for information and to shop. Hence, it is critical that your website is accessible across all the devices that your customers may be using, including laptops, computers, smartphones and tablets (iphone, ipad and android), and even TVs.

The Shock Team creates websites with responsive designs which will automatically adjust and optimize its layout for best usage, according to whichever device that the user is using. This helps optimize browsing and ease of use, which encourages users to stay on your website longer. Our web developers also ensure that all the web functions are workable across multi-devices, and avoid using programs which do not work on certain devices, such as smartphones or tablets.


Captivating Featured Images, Layout and Design

Your website must appear pleasant and user-friendly, with able to convey trust within the first few seconds of a visitor landing on your web page. There must be impressive images of your products prominently featured on your website above-board. Prices and the Add To Cart Buttons must be clearly and prominently featured to ease and encourage purchase.

With many years of experience developing websites, running split-tests and an in-depth knowledge of the science of heatmaps, our Shock Team is able to build an ecommerce website for you that has been optimized for sales.



Grab a Piece of the US$1 Trillion Ecommerce Sales

Contact our Shock Team +603 5882 7008 to setup your ecommerce website today!


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“My customers are very happy with the new look and layout of our website. They love the additional functions which enhance their shopping experience.”

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