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Improve Your Service With Chatbot For Greater Customer Satisfaction

As someone who’s selling a product online, it’s important to talk to every customer who sends you a message.

You would want to satisfy all their queries and create a good rapport.

If your customer service is poor, it’s unlikely that people would want to buy from you no matter how good your product is.

However, there are so many messages coming in and you can’t always be online 24/7.

You have a gazillion other things to do… like actually running your business.

Hiring a community manager worked out great at first.

But soon they would come to you and ask your advice on how to answer customers questions.

You might as well do the job yourself, but that would mean you won’t have time to focus on scaling up your business. And hiring more workers would mean a higher cost.

Besides, people come and go. They may get bored, lose interest, lose focus or not perform well enough.

So how could you make customer service more efficient?


Chatbot is an artificial intelligence that can converse like a human via auditory or textual methods.

It can respond to specific questions and automatically provide suggestions.

Think Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa.

When you ask a question like “What’s the weather like outside?”, it will immediately answer with an accurate description of the weather.

And that’s what you should expect the level of customer service your business to be like.


Already have a Facebook Page for your business?

You can now enable chatbot on Facebook Messenger through its API (Application Programming Interface).

When you configure the chatbot with specific questions and answers, it will guide users to their exact needs.

For example, when a user visits your Facebook Page, you can start the conversation with a set of query options popped up. When they click on a query option, you would already have the specific answer configured within the system, which the user will receive immediately.

This may not seem like much but it will certainly help you achieve your end goals of getting new leads and customers in the long run.


How YOU Benefit From Chatbot Messenger:


  • Low maintenance cost


Unlike hiring more workers who need monthly salaries and health insurances, installing a chatbot would mean not having to fork out as much money to maintain the services that could even be done more efficiently.


  • Increase customer base


Chatbot does not just work on Facebook Messenger. It can also be installed on your website or any other platforms. This increases the chance of getting in more customers to opt for your service or product.


  • Cut down errors


Oftentimes humans in customer service make mistakes and give inaccurate answers. But with a chatbot, this could be minimized as you can configure the chatbot to give accurate answers based on the query.


  • Better understand users


By installing a chatbot system, you can automatically collect data, trends and metrics based on the interactions with users to adjust responses accordingly and improve customer service.


  • Gain trust


As your customer service improves and users find their experience helpful, they are more likely to become customers. Through the chatbot system, you would have satisfied their needs and gain their trust.


How YOUR CUSTOMERS Benefit From Chatbot Messenger:


  • Quick response time


As chatbots are available 24/7, a user’s query can be answered quickly. This immediate response shows that you respect the user’s time and that the user would in turn respect and trust your business.


  • Good experience


As you configure the chatbot to answer queries accurately, this would satisfy user’s needs thus providing them with good and memorable customer experience.


With years of experience in digital marketing, we are certain that chatbot is not only the future, but it is, in fact, the present.

New software can be daunting, which is why we’re here for you.

Not only can we install a chatbot for you but we can also configure it to:

  • Converse with a personality and voice as if talking to a real human
  • Converse in messenger style which includes short-form text and emojis
  • Ensure that users achieve their goals when inquiring about your services

Don’t get left behind in this new technology to improve your customer service.

Embrace chatbot today to scale up your business!

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