December 14, 2016 Shock Media Studio

Coffee Chat with our Customers: How to Write Like a Wizard and Magically Deliver Conversions

During one of our Coffee Chat brainstorming sessions with our customers about their business, the subject about content marketing was raised. The question was if content marketing still works, and is blogging still worth it?

Like it or not, content marketing is part of your digital marketing strategy. If you craft your content well and engage with the audience, content marketing is still able to deliver those conversion numbers that you want.

However, readers now are more savvy and very time-pressed.They want to get as much useful information as possible in the least amount of time, so they will select very carefully what they choose to read.

(And no, click-bait no longer works as most people have wisen up to it, and even Facebook has put in algorithms and mechanisms to filter out click-bait links. So it is best to deliver value as promised.)

Here are some hacks on content marketing to trigger a response from your audience, from getting clicks, all the way to delivering conversions in the form of sales or leads.


1) Unique Marketing Angle

Write on a topic or angle that surprises or shocks your audience into giving you a response. What is it that makes your product or service the absolute best in the world?


2) Heart-stopping, Eye-popping Headline

Your headline will determine your clicks, and the way you craft your content and deliver value will determine your conversions. So do ensure that you have an effective headline that will stop users in their tracks (scroll) and click the link to read your article.


3) Witty Humour

Writing with a witty sense of humour will enable your audience to relate with you, and even like you, and allow you to engage with them long enough to bring your point across. Make the reading enjoyable with a witty brand personality.


4) Write with a Sense of Urgency

Tell the story with a sense of urgency, build the suspense, and make the readers cling on to every sentence, looking forward to the conclusion or climax of the story.


5) Power Phrases

Use power phrases to elicit a response from your audience, and take action by making a purchase, a phone call, or signing up for more information.


6) Irresistible Offer

Give your audience a reason to take immediate action. Give them an irresistible offer. Better still, give them an irresistible, time-limited offer. And reward their actions generously.

7) Test the Post on Social Media

As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. You need to test it out to see what works, and what doesn’t. Post the link on social media like Facebook and boost the post for maximum reach, and see the responses of your targeted audience to your post. Tweak and repeat successes.



And if you need help on any aspect of your digital marketing, we are just a phone call away. Call us at +603-58827008 or leave us a message below to schedule an appointment with our Digital Consultant, and let’s brainstorm your digital strategy for the new year. Coffee is on us! 🙂

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