October 11, 2016 Shock Media Studio

Coffee Chats with our Customers: How To Influence Purchase Decisions at the Zero Moment of Truth

Time for another coffee chat! Coffee chats are sessions spent with our customers, sharing strategies to the challenges faced by them. In today’s session, we talked about how to influence the purchase decisions of consumers right at the Zero Moment of Truth.

Q: What is the Zero Moment of Truth?

The Zero Moment of Truth happens at the moment when the consumer is researching for a product prior to purchase. They are looking at websites, reviews and comparing products and prices. It is crucial to influence the purchase decision of the consumer right at that moment, just as the consumer is about to make a purchase.

Q: How do I get people to buy from my website?

Show them your ads right at their Zero Moment of Truth to influence their purchase decisions. Use Google Adwords Search Network to show your ads on Google Search to those consumers while they are researching and comparing products and services similar to yours.

Capture these ready-to-purchase consumers with attractive offers on your ads to entice them over to shop on your website, or browse your website for more information.

If you have targeted the right “buying” keywords, it is possible to achieve over 20-50% click-through-rate, as our track record shows, which means that out of 100 people that sees your ads, 20-50 people will be likely to click the ad and shop on your website.

We can help you to bring in steady streams of customers to your website. Try us out for a few months, and you’ll never wanna stop your ad campaigns. Call us at +603-58827008 or leave a message below. You bring the dough, we’ll bake it for you, and let’s start selling like hot cakes!

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