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7 Steps to Creating Kickass Facebook Ad Campaigns in 2018

Did you know:

80% of all Malaysians who have access to the internet are also on Facebook. 20 million Malaysians are spending an average of 1 hours 45 minutes on Facebook.

~ Facebook statistics

That’s 20 million Malaysians you can specifically segment, target, and showcase your brand to on Facebook!

Social media has become an indispensable marketing tool for businesses, especially in 2018 and beyond. Your target audience are spending more and more time on social media. Facebook statistics also show that Malaysians spend on average 159 minutes watching videos on the social media site.

As a business owner, founder, or a marketer, you cannot afford not to run effective marketing campaigns on social media, especially when your competitors are already in the social media sphere, actively running their ads to take over your market share.

According to statistics released by Facebook, 94% of Malaysians discover products and brands on Facebook and 62% of them makes a purchase after the discovery.

If you’re not already running ads on Facebook to these Malaysians who are actively spending time on Facebook, you are drastically losing eyeballs and market share to your competitors, and very definitely losing the potential leads and sales for your business.

Here’s how you can run kickass Facebook ad campaigns that drive hungry crowds of customers to your website.

1) Add a sense of urgency to your ads
Urgency is one of the most powerful marketing strategy any business can use.

People are most likely to take actions quicker should there be a future price increase, limited-time offer, limited product runs, or expiration dates. If you have yet to implement urgency in your copy, it’s time to incorporate them.

But be wary:
If you are creating real urgency, you need to create an offer that will really go away. Saying “Buy Now” isn’t a proper form of urgency. You want to indicate that the offer will disappear.

For example if you’re running a 30% discount on your product/ services, and it’s mentioned that the offer will end by midnight, the offer MUST end by midnight.

2) Use customer testimonials
Customer testimonials can make powerful ads – they create social proof and trust for your business. Showcasing clients’ testimonials who have benefited from your products or services can help your audiences to make better informed decisions with regards to your business.

Moreover, testimonials work because it starts the conversation off by answering objections your prospects might have.

Instead of using a generic offer for your copy, show the exact benefits one of your happiest customers has received from your product.

3) Offer something for free
We all love receiving free stuff, so it’s a no-brainer to give out free stuff to get your target audiences to opt-in.

Giving away free stuff, especially a product or a free trial, can help you to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your Facebook Ad campaign!

To get started, you would need to have a detailed understanding of your customer’s avatar. From there on, you would want to figure out what their needs and wants are, and what can be given to them to alleviate their problems.

Then, you need to know what is guaranteed to convert your free users into paying customers.

Once you have this in place, you need to get started setting up an ad to effectively promote the offer.

4) Sync your landing page
Although your landing page isn’t the social media ad itself, but it can play a massive role to your Facebook Ads’ conversion rates.

Should you be struggling with visitors leaving your landing page the moment they’ve clicked the ad, you may want to reconsider matching your ad copies with your landing page’s copies.

You’re going to want to copy both the message and the layout.

5) Include a call to action in the copy
Should your ads not be driving the number of clicks you are expecting at the start of your campaign, you may want to revisit your ad copy.

Instead of leveraging on Facebook’s own call-to-action button text, you may want to include your own personal call-to-action in your copy to drive your audiences to take action.

A great way to do this is to include short phrases like “claim your spot” or “try free” when you write the script for your ad. In fact, at the end of these short phrases, you could provide a reward for action taken.

6) Customised your ads to specific demographics
Your target audiences differ from one another. Each one of them have a different set of needs. The days of writing a “one-generic-copy-fits-all” to appeal to your audience has ended.

In order to create a customised and highly-relatable experience for particular demographics, it’s highly recommended that you segment your audiences into specific demographics, and create tailored ad copies for these specific readers.

Start talking directly to your audiences, and address their needs and wants now!

7) Test different images
In social media marketing, you need to be testing different ad variations if you have yet to.

Testing is the best way to improve your ads’ results, so that you can create highly converting ads that constantly delivers you new visitors and customers.

The easiest way is to test different ad images. Believe it or not, images can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your ads. The results too, may surprise you.

In certain scenarios, a change in image can deliver such results:
A reduction in cost per conversion
An increase in CTR
An improved ROI


If you have yet to embark on social media marketing, this is the best time for you to make the first step! Start capturing market share, and dominate your industry digitally. If you require any additional help, we are more than happy to be of assistance to you!

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