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Powerful Split Testing Techniques That Can Be Easily Implemented

How one SIMPE EXPERIMENT generated over 500% increase in sales!

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Increase Your Leads By 300% And Hit 6-Figure Sales Within 30 Days

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Setup Fully Optimised Facebook Campaigns That Will Enchant Your Audiences

The craziest Facebook Best Business Practices only seasoned veterans know!

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Meet The Marketers


Vince Tan

Entrepreneur, marketer, international speaker.

Over 15 years of digital marketing experience.
Founded his first web design company, Webchitect at the age of 17.
Had multiple successful digital product launches that generated millions of dollars in sales within the first 7 days.
Trained thousands of students in digital marketing spanning across 20 countries, and over 30 cities.
Co-Founder of Shock Media Studio, one of the fastest growing digital agencies in Malaysia.
Co-Founder of eduPOW, the largest MOOC in South East Asia upon launch with 500 authors on board.


Roger Wong

Entrepreneur, marketing nerd, startup mentor.

Over 15 years of digital marketing experience.
Started his first venture at the age of 14.
Has different business ventures for the last 17 years (with both successful exits, and failures).
As a startup consultant, he has helped startups to generate astounding figures:

  • 500% ROI
  • 1000 Daily Leads
  • 200,000 Daily Impressions
  • 50 Creatives Per Campaign

A practitioner of the Lean Startup Methodology.

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