July 31, 2016 Shock Media Studio

Ecommerce Satire: A Sure-fire Way to Lose Sales

In the course of our work, we have worked with hundreds of clients, and we have come across glaring mistakes in the checkout process which are surprisingly common and recurring. So we thought we’d write a satire piece to get our message across, as satire often has a deeper impact and remembered longer.

You don’t want to lose visitors at the final stage of the checkout process, after having spent so much effort, money and resources on creating a kickass ecommerce site and paying top dollars for qualified and targeted traffic! Urgh! So here’s what you should NOT do.

Complicated Checkout that Challenges the Patience of your Potential Customers

Don’t make it easy for your customers to pay. Annoy them enough, and they will leave your website alone. Here are some steps that will do just that.

  1.  Once they have selected their order and wish to make payment, require them to do multiple, unnecessary actions like filling up a lot of forms, instead of leading them straight to the payment section.
  2.  Have them click on buttons that say “Proceed to checkout”, but instead of taking them to the payment page, require them to sign up for a membership first before you allow them to pay.
  3.  Once they have completed the lengthy membership form, require them to leave the page, and log into their email account, find the verification email, read the email, find the verification link and click on it, before redirecting them back to your website.
  4. Prove them wrong when they think they’re done and think that now they can pay for the purchase. Have confusing notes around the checkout which they must read and try to figure out why they aren’t being taken to the payment section yet, and they’re still stuck at the forms section after clicking for the umpteenth time on the Checkout button.
  5. Make them tinker around the page for awhile before they realize that they need to click yet another Payment button in a different section before they can get to the credit card info page to enter their credit card details and verification to actually make the payment.

You may be surprised, but many ecommerce websites have this complicated checkout process!

If by now those determined ones haven’t given up and they successfully made it all the way to payment, congratulations, you have a few really serious buyers who truly want that latest gadget or exclusive dress or that ultimate toy for their kid, can’t get it anywhere else, and is willing to do fill in as many forms and click as many buttons as needed to make the payment to get it.

Unfortunately, many more others would have given up, or had other distractions of life call them away from their initial purchase intention. And that means a loss of actual sales for you. And the amount could be significant. It’s really heartbreaking to have visitors land on your web page, and follow through the entire sales funnel, only to drop off at the checkout page.

We hope you get the message, and take this moment to re-evaluate your own ecommerce checkout process.

Sometimes, we may have blind spots where we can’t see our own mistakes, even if they may be obvious, and need someone else to point them out to us. If you need a professional to look over your ecommerce website and suggest improvements, feel free to contact us at +603-58827008 or Leave us a Message below.

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