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Google Search and Google Display Campaigns – Which Should I Use?

After reading our previous article, How to Bring in Local Traffic to Your Local Business, our customer asked us to explain the difference between advertising on Google Display Network and Google Search, and which one they should use to effectively promote their products and services to obtain the highest ROI (Return-On-Investment) possible.


Q: What is the difference between Google Search Network and Google Display Network?

Google Search are text ads that appear whenever users search using Google Search. The ads appear on top of the search results. Google Display are usually banner ads that appear on relevant websites, blogs and other related sites.

Payment for both ad campaigns are calculated by performance. You only pay when a person clicks on your ad and go on to browse your website for more info or to purchase a product. Otherwise, your ads are shown for free!


Q: Should I use Google Search or Google Display network to market my products?

Both Google Search and Google Display have their own unique advantages. It hugely depends on your marketing objectives. Used correctly, they both work effectively to meet your marketing goals.


Q: In what instances should I promote my products and services using ads on Google Search?

If your products and services are in the “growing” or “cash cow” phase of the market, where you know the demand for them already exists, and people are actively searching for these products everyday, then we would recommend that you use Google Search to promote them. From our extensive experience and testing, we have fine-tuned our proprietary top secret Google Search strategies to bring in targeted buying customers over to your website, and if your website has been optimized for conversions, the sales would just flow in smoothly like water from the get-go.

Google Search Ads are amazing in a sense that the audience can be highly targeted to be very laser focused on those ready-to-buy customers. Try us out for a few months, and you’ll never wanna stop your ad campaigns as they bring in steady streams of customers to your website.

Google Search Ads captures consumers right at the Zero Moment of Truth, which is the exact moment when the consumer is researching for a product. It happens before they ever buy. They are looking at websites, reviews and comparing products and prices. Show them your ads right at this very moment to influence their purchase decisions.

So far, our track record has delivered over 20-50% click-through-rate, which means that out of 100 people that sees your ads, 20-50 will click on your ad and go to shop on your website.


Q: What about Ads on Google Display Network?

The Google Display Network (GDN) is great for using banner ads to promote awareness as part of your branding strategy. As the saying goes, out of sight is out of mind. So the objective is to show your ads to consumers, so that they keep your brand in mind, even when they have no need or intention of purchase at that moment. This is to establish a strong position in the minds of the consumer, so that when the need arises, the first brand that they will think about, is yours.

For Google Display Ads, the objective is to show it to as many people as possible, hence, it is not surprising to get over a million views (impressions). However, do be prepared that the click-through-rate (CTR) for Google Display Ads are a lot lower than Search Ads, hence, they are good for branding and building awareness purposes, not so much for immediate sales conversions. (Don’t understand what CTR means for your business? Read more here)

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