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[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Grow Your Email Subscriber List

Your goal is simple: you want more people to know about your amazing product or service.

You’ve got a good following on social media but you want to up your game and build your own list.

Maybe you’ve got your preliminary list but it’s not enough. You want more.

You want to add value to your target customers and show them through your carefully crafted emails on how you can help improve their lives.

Well, you’re on the right track.

First things first, you need to remember a few important things:

  1. Don’t buy list. Please don’t. You’ll just get angry complaints and the system will detect you as spam, or worse, you’ll get blacklisted (gasp!). It’s always more effective to build your email list and we’ll let you know how in a minute.
  2. Place signup forms strategically. Think of places where your potential customers may be lurking. Articles, “about us” page, pop up boxes, blog’s comments, Facebook page and even the landing page for product or service registration.
  3. Give a solid reason. Don’t just put a naked signup form. Let them know what they’ll be getting in exchange for their email. It could be tips, news, special offers, promotions, etc.

Ready to grow your email list like wildflowers?

1. Create Killer Lead Magnets

Also known as FREE OFFERS.

Yes, you read that right. Before you ask for anything you need to give and add value to your prospects.

You need them to trust you. You need them to know you’re legit.

The purpose of creating lead magnets is to convert web visitors from any part of the world wide web to email leads.


✔ Turn your top-performing article or series of articles into a pdf guide, report or e-book.

✔ Offer tools/resources in an e-book (yes, e-book is the trend).

✔ Create webinars because people like free educational seminars. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare.

✔ Downloadable summary of a webinar is a life-saver for those who don’t have the time to watch online.

✔ Create a private how-to video on YouTube and embed it on a protected page on WordPress

✔ Offer exclusive discount or subscriber-only bonus (great for e-commerce stores).

✔ Offer free trial or free consultation (you get the drill now).

2. Dispel Doubts

It’s natural for anyone to feel skeptical about submitting their email address.

It would mean them receiving emails they may not want. They don’t want their email address to be misused or abused. And so this is where you come in to ensure that you will do no such thing.


✔ State that you will keep their email address private and would not share it with any third party.

✔ Mean what you have stated. Don’t abuse their trust after this point.

✔ Ensure them that they’re allowed to unsubscribe at any time.

✔ Once you’re sending out emails, make sure to include the unsubscribe link clearly in the email and if they do unsubscribe (let’s hope not!) make sure that they’re actually removed from the list.

The key is to maintain trust at every point of contact, including once they have unsubscribed.

One other important thing to note when setting up the signup form is to make sure you link your privacy policy page and adhere to the requirements of GDPR, or the PDPA if your online base is in Malaysia.

The last thing you want is to get caught up with any legal issues so it’s worth knowing the legal requirements when it comes to collecting personal data i.e. people’s email addresses.

3. Ease Signup Process

Friction is what stops people from taking action.

The more effort required to do something, it’s more likely that the task will be delayed or won’t be completed.

Same goes with signing up for your offers.

As a marketer, you need to make sure that the signup process is effortless.


✔ Ask for only the information you need. Don’t go asking for their birth certificate number. Name and email address will do.

✔ Limit to just 3 steps: complete form, press subscribe button, confirm subscription. Easy.

4. Think Outside The Box

Keep finding ways to grow your email list. This could be going to networking events or even talking to your next-door neighbour to introduce your brand and products.

Be creative and make something out of every opportunity that comes your way. You may never know what would come out of a conversation or a simple social media posting.


✔ Collect email addresses at networking events.

✔ Promote email list and incentives on google AdWords and other pay-per-click advertising websites

✔ Post list teasers on social media and show the benefits of becoming a subscriber.

✔ Do cross-promotion with a related company to increase reach.

✔ Include signup link at order page and offer instant discounts.

✔ If you’re an offline business going online, don’t be afraid to ask existing customers to signup.

5. Schedule Email Campaigns

Once you’ve got a substantial list, it’s time to set up your email campaigns.

What you should avoid doing is to leave your subscribers hanging when they’re expecting something from you. It’s like ditching the first date which you asked for in the first place. How rude!

Plus, you would definitely want to strike while the iron’s hot.


Use an automated email system.

Structure your emails effectively.

Build relationship with unique content.

infographic how to grow email subscriber list

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