June 23, 2015 Shock Media Studio

How Building a Raving Team can Propel Your Business into Unprecedented Heights


Corporate Culture is the Heart and Soul of Your Business

The corporate culture of a company is the essence of the company that will determine whether it will thrive or eventually rot from within. When building a business, this is the fundamental factor that can launch a new startup off the ground, and it is the same critical factor that will be the one to sustain the company through turbulent later years as well. Unfortunately, most businesses are more focused on getting in the sales numbers for survival, rather than strengthening this crucial engine for success. However, for those who bother to work on it, find unprecedented and sustained exponential growth.

According the founder of Shock Media Studio, Vince Tan, building a raving team is the turbo engine which launches businesses into unparalleled success. He makes sure that all employees of Shock Media Studio (a.k.a. Shockers) are absolute raving fans of the company.


Build a Raving Team

In building a raving team, Vince Tan started off by incorporating a corporate culture of “Delivering Awesomeness”, which permeates every decision and action in the company. He went out of his way to create a super cool, lively, colourful and cosy workplace environment for the employees, and an unconventional corporate environment which encouraged creativity and initiative, and even allowed space for failure. As a result, all Shockers have become raving fans of the company.

For most companies, when employees hang out with their friends and talk about work, most of them will end up bitching about their jobs, their bosses, their colleagues and their companies. However, as raving fans of Shock media Studio, Shockers have admitted that when they talk about their work and company with their friends on such a positive note, their friends find it unbelievable that a company with such a positive work environment exists!

“Our friends think we’re high on drugs when we talk about our company!”

joked one enthusiastic Shocker.


Outcome of Having a Raving Team

As a result, the company operates 300% better than the competitors in the industry. A raving team will go the extra mile for customers. A raving team will go all out for the company. A raving team is more adventurous, daring to take the initiative to explore new things, and daring to risk failure. As such, the team pushes its limits, and achieves new heights.

A raving team attracts new high quality talents who are willing to leave much bigger companies and better paying jobs to join the company. It reduces the cost of hiring, as new prospects are introduced by the raving team members, and that enthusiasm and happiness is contagious. People want to be part of this awesome team.

A raving team has a sense of belonging, and they will have each other’s back. They support each other in every way they can, translating into more productivity, excellent work, more sales, more business, and more happy customers!


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