May 11, 2015 Shock Media Studio

How is the New Google Mobile Update Affecting Your Business?

Google has recently launched the new Google mobile algorithm update. How is your site holding up? Is your website mobile-ready as the new algorithm is being rolled out in stages all over the world?

Even Big Brands and Celebrities are Affected

We tested a bunch of websites of big international brands and celebrities, and found them not ready for the launch of Google’s Mobile-friendly algorithm. The websites that are not mobile-ready at press time include David Backham’s Official Site, Versace, American Apparel, and Cotton Traders. However, we are pretty sure that they’re working on their sites like crazy now to get them ready as soon as they possibly can.


Why It Is So Important to Ensure Mobile-Readiness

In the mobile digital universe, the mobile search algorithm holds significant impact, as about 50% of all searches done on Google are performed on mobile devices. A rapidly rising number of people are using Google search on their iphones, ipads, tablets and smartphones. People are increasingly attached to their mobile devices, and use them while waiting in line, while stuck in boring meetings, or while trying to avoid awkward conversations. This means that, if 50% of your current website traffic comes from Google Search that is performed on mobile devices, you will lose all that traffic to your website if your site is not mobile-ready. Just overnight, your sales will drop by half or more! However, the opposite is true, if your website is mobile-ready. Your website will be given a higher ranking.


Reach Out to Huge Segment of Mobile Users

If your website is not mobile-ready, you will significantly lose all the potential customers using mobile search. So, get it ready as soon as possible, and be instantly rewarded with a high listing on mobile search by the new Google Mobile Algorithm as soon as the Google spiders have detected the changes.
Or if you need help to get your website mobile-ready, just call us at +603 5882 7008 to schedule an appointment with one of our Shock consultants. We’re happy to have a chat with you about Google’s New Mobile Update, as well as strategies to instantly double your business.

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