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How to Bring in Local Traffic to Your Local Business

Coffee Chats with our Customers: Local Business

Coffee chats are sessions spent with our customers, sharing strategies to the challenges faced by them. In today’s session, we talked about how to bring in local traffic to their local business.

What’s the fastest way to ramp up your business on a small budget?

Let’s say, you’re a local business, and you’re looking to take your business and sales to the next level. You could be the local laundry shop, or the florist shop, or the cafe down the street, and you’re looking to draw in customers from around your area. You want the something that can bring in instant traffic to your local business.

Using Google Ads is one way that can bring instant targeted traffic to your business. Learn more about the different type of Google Ads. Once the Google Adwords account has been setup and goes live, the ads are shown instantly to people who are searching for such products and services. These are the ready and motivated buyers who will drop by your shop and make a purchase, or to patronize your services.

Q: What’s the most viable way to do that?

Well, as a local business, you want to target customers around your area, people who work or live around your area, that will become your customer base of regulars. You want them to make your shop their pit stop, or hangout place.

Facebook Ads and Google Ads are able to zero into a very specific area which is relevant to your business. You can choose to show your ads to people who are working or living in just around the neighborhood, or enlarge it to a wider area, encompassing the surrounding neighborhoods as well.

Your target audience is reachable through multi-devices, which means, no matter where they are, as long as they are in the area, your ad will be shown to them whenever they access Facebook, or better still, when they search for that service or product on Google.

We’ve covered this topic in much greater details. The blog post can be found here.

Drive Relevant Traffic to Both your Website and Physical Store

By having a targeted audience, and staying relevant to them, you can drive traffic to your physical stores, as well as to your website. These Facebook and Google Ads are measurable, and you will be able to account how much you spent on the ads vs how much traffic it brought to you.


If you have a question to ask about social media or Google Ads, call us +603-58827008 or send in your questions in the form below, and our Shock Consultant will get back to you for a coffee chat. 🙂

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