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Like a moth to a flame, every business owner or marketer needs to be where their audience is at.

And social media platforms are the places to be in this 21st century.

With Facebook and Instagram boasting 2.23 billion and 1 billion Monthly Active Users (MAUs) respectively, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be on at least one social media.

….unless you are happy with how your business is doing offline!

But if where you are now is not yet where you want your business to be, even with a high converting website, then you probably need to get on social media.


You need to do an inventory of your business.

Before even thinking about which social media to go on, it’s important that you go through these 3 D’s – DEFINE, DETERMINE, DECIDE.

  1. Define your objective on social media.

    Do you want to engage more with your audience, increase web traffic or improve customer service? Having objectives that would bring in value to your business rather than just going for vanity metrics like follower count would increase the likelihood of your audience converting into customers.

    Once you know your exact objectives, you can align them with the platform that will complement your goals.

  2. Determine where your audience hang out and their behaviours.

    When starting your business, you should already have your target audience profile. Knowing how they behave and what they do would give you a clue on where they might hang out online. This way you wouldn’t be wasting your time and money on a platform that your audience is not on.

    Do some research to discover which social media platform your target audience is spending their time on the most.

  3. Decide the resources and skills you need.

    Each social media platform works differently, so you may need different skills or tools for each one. For example, if you intend to put out Facebook ads, you would need some knowledge on how to set up the ad effectively so that it targets the specific audience. If you plan on improving your customer service, then you may need someone to handle a Whatsapp or Twitter account.

    If your current resources or skills don’t match up with what you need, we can help you!


Not all social media platforms suit all types of business.

A tailor’s dress-making business is different than a food & beverage business. And so the way they communicate with their audience on social media would be different.

Yes, you would also need to understand the nature of each social media platform, which we will discuss in a minute.

But you should first understand the nature of your service or product.

If you’re selling shoes, how else would your audience be compelled to own them? Perhaps you’d need to post visually-attractive photos. Maybe you need to create a product video to help people understand why your collection is unique. And maybe you could increase engagement by doing giveaway contests.

So instead of just looking at your business as a B2B or B2C, try to understand how your service or product can add value to your audience. That way you can then see how you can market it efficiently on a specific social media platform which serves that particular purpose.


Now that you have an idea about your social media objective, audience behaviour and how you can better market your service or product, it’s time for you to decide the best platform for your business.

And of course, you can choose more than one platform, if your current resources and skills would allow!

Here we list 7 social media platforms which are common and actively used.

  1. FACEBOOK (2.23 billion MAUs)
    – perfect for companies with visually-driven products
    – commonly used by B2C companies that offer discounts, coupons and contests
    – also used by brands for relationship and branding purposes, as well as smaller companies for product awareness campaigns
  2. YOUTUBE (1.9 billion MAUs)
    – especially for visually-driven brands that intend to publish product videos, behind-the-scenes videos and educational videos
    – also for brands in the media and entertainment industry that rely on viewership for brand awareness
  3. WHATSAPP (1.5 billion MAUs)
    – great for individual or small local businesses
    – typically used for customer support, updates and the occasional promotional message blast
  4. INSTAGRAM (1 billion MAUs)
    – perfect for companies with visually-driven products
    – similar mechanics to Facebook but focuses more on high-quality photos and graphics
    – also great for individual artists to display portfolio for commissioned work
  5. TWITTER (335 million MAUs)
    – suitable for publications as the platform focuses more on written words
    – great as a customer service platform especially for large businesses
  6. LINKEDIN (284 million MAUs)
    – perfect for B2B to build brand awareness, share content and network
    – besides establishing authority, businesses also use LinkedIn to attract talents to their company
  7. PINTEREST (250 million MAUs)
    – industries that thrive on Pinterest include fashion, food and e-commerce
    – great for a business with mothers or homemakers as target audience, as 60% of Pinterest social traffic is from home & furnishings category
    – people go on this platform to seek inspiration, so businesses with visually-attractive pictures or graphics may gain a high following


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Here’s a summary checklist for you to get your business on social media. (Click here for the pdf worksheet)

Yes, there are a lot of choices out there and it may be hard to come to a decision.

But that’s why second opinions are always helpful.

If you find that you:

  • still struggle to determine which social media platform is best for your business
  • have figured out which platform but don’t know what kind of content to put out
  • are already on social media but not seeing the results you desire




For the price of $0, we will hear you out and give you our expert advice on how to grow your business on social media.

Claim your free consultation now!

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