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How to Ensure Mobile-Friendliness on your Website


Now, with all that has been said about Google’s new Mobile Algorithm Update, we are sure that you already realize the importance and impact of having a website that is mobile-ready for your business. However, what exactly does a “mobile-ready” or “mobile-friendly” website mean?

5 Must-Have Features of a Mobile-Ready Website

These are the 5 essential features that your website must have for it to be considered “mobile-ready” by the Google spiders.
Your website must have the following features:

Ensure that touch elements on your side, including buttons and links, have enough space around them to avoid the “fat finger” syndrome
Redirect mobile users on desktop URLs to the appropriate mobile URL, if you use separate URLs
Avoid cross links that are not relevant
Avoid using any applications that require the use of Flash, as it does not play well in mobile-specific browsers
Evaluate page load time (mobile devices have less processing power so heavy sites load very slowly)

Do keep the above pointers in mind when redesigning your website to make it mobile-friendly.


Test for Mobile Friendliness

Google has a tool to test if your website is mobile-ready. If you are unsure if your website is considered mobile-ready by the Googlebots, put your web url through the Google Mobile Friendly Test. It will analyze your site and report if the webpage has a mobile-friendly design.


Google Mobile Friendly Test

Click on this link to start:
Enter your web url and click the blue button “Analyze”. Please wait while it is analyzing your webpage.


If your webpage is mobile-friendly, it will show as follows:

shock mobilefriendly

However, if your webpage is not mobile-friendly, it will show that it is not mobile friendly, as well as give suggestions for corrective action.



Is My Website Mobile-Friendly Now? Final Check

Once you have redesigned your website accordingly, you can test it again, and see if it complies with Google’s new mobile algorithm features.
Alternatively, you can also just google out your web url using Mobile Search on your smartphone or tablet, and if your website is mobile-friendly, it will show the word “mobile-ready” on your web link in the search results.

Shock Mobile Screenshot


What to Do if Your Website is Not Mobile-Ready?

Get started and work on your website now to get it mobile-ready. Ensure that you incorporate the above 5 must-have features into your website. Once the changes are live, the Google Search will rank your website as soon as the changes have been detected by the Googlebots. Or if you need help, call us at +603 5882 7008 to schedule an appointment with one of our Shock consultants. We’re happy to help.

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