September 8, 2016 Shock Media Studio

How to Get Back Your Ex-Visitors!

Reach Out and Recapture Those Visitors That Would Have Left Your Website for Good!

There are many reasons shoppers leave a website. Perhaps, they left your website to compare prices with another site, or perhaps, they had to hurriedly leave for a meeting, or were interrupted by something at that moment. Perhaps, they just want to think about their purchase decision.

Get back over 40% of those visitors who left your website without buying anything with a Remarketing Campaign for Search, so that you can have a second chance to convince them and close the sale.

Google Search Remarketing Campaign

If you had been running a successful Google Search Marketing Campaign, add on the Search Remarketing Campaign to increase your traffic of returning visitors. Your ads will be shown to those people who had previously visited your website. Our experience shows that you will be able to get a significant number of them to return to your website to browse further or to complete the earlier interrupted shopping transaction. Without the Remarketing Campaign, you would most likely have lost these potential customers forever.

Once your website has hit over 1,000 visitors coming in as a direct result of your Search ads, the Remarketing Campaign can be initiated to show your ads to all your previous website visitors like a reminder to return to your website.

We have found that visitors who have previously visited your website have a phenomenally higher Click-Through-Rate (CTR). This means that they tend to be highly receptive towards returning to your website when they are shown the ads again. They also tend to result in an even higher number of conversions, which means that most of them would favour purchasing from your website this time round. (Are you familiar with all the important Adwords KPIs?)

This is great to target those who visited your website whether they purchased something before or not. For those who have purchased something before, it is an invitation for repeat sales; and for those who had visited your website but left without purchasing anything, it functions as a follow-up reminder of their initial intention.

Our clients have experienced a CTR over 40% for their Search Remarketing Campaigns, which means that out of 100 people who are shown the ads again, 40 of them will revisit your website and purchase something. And the costs of bringing back these returning visitors are significantly lower. These are the customers which you would have missed out, if you do not run a Remarketing for your Search Campaign.

If you wish to have our team of certified Google Adwords Professionals help you to setup a successful result-oriented Search and Remarketing Campaigns, contact us at +603-58827008 or leave us a message below. We let our results speak for themselves.

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