November 24, 2016 Shock Media Studio

How to Influence Consumer Decisions on Mobile Devices

In many instances, phones have trumped over girlfriends and wives, husbands and boyfriends! Imagine a common dating scenario of two lovebirds on a hot date, both gazing intently at…. their phones!

Now it is possible to position your brand in front of those eyeballs and take your business to the next level with mobile marketing.

Flash your marketing messages on mobile devices and capture the attention of your target audience just as they are researching the internet for their next purchase, and influence their purchase decision so that they end up purchasing your products and services.


82% of Customers Check Their Phones Before a Purchase

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have changed consumer behaviour and increased customer expectations. Statistics show that 82% of consumers research for information and make comparisons on their phones prior to making a purchase. They demand information to be delivered to them instantaneously in a micro moment so that they can make decisions and take immediate action to get what they want.

Here are a few crucial tips on winning these micro moments that matter, and influence consumers purchase decisions to choose your brand over your competitors.


1) Put Your Brand in the Right Light

Establish your brand presence on social media and search engines as consumers do their research and comparisons prior to purchase. In today’s hi-tech world, credibility is created when your brand shows up on the search results on major search engines like Google, popular social media sites like Facebook, with a stunning and professional website. So make sure that you give your visitors the right impression as they check out your products and services online.


2) Present Relevant Information

Consumers want relevant, useful information within seconds at their finger tips. It is very important to make the marketing messages highly relevant to the needs of the consumers who are searching for them. The more relevant you are to the needs of the consumer, the higher the chances of purchase.


3) Deliver Seamless Customer Experience

Create a seamless customer experience across various platforms and different devices that leads them all the way into your store or online purchase. Ensure that the brand image and information that you present on your website and social media sites are all consistent and accessible on all devices including computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.


Consistency creates credibility and trustworthiness which are pre-requisites of a purchase.

Our Shock Team specialises in creating a unique brand personality for you with our top secret Shock Persona Methodology that will connect and win over customers for you. So contact us at +603-58827008 or leave a message below to turn on the magic.

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