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Nike Plans to Hit US$7 Billion Through Ecommerce


Keeping it Simple and Personal

One of our favourite brands is Nike with its tagline “Just Do It”, which is one of our 7 core values at Shock Media Studio.

Here’s a brief case study on how Nike plans to increase its online sales to reach a lofty target of US$7 Billion.

According to Marketing Week, Nike has currently hit over US$1 Billion in annual sales, and is now planning to achieve US$7 billion by 2020 using digital marketing and ecommerce. Having invested in digital and mobile strategies over the last few years, Nike announced a 50% growth of its online sales in its recent second quarter sales results, hence it makes sense for them to go all out and put their money into a proven strategy that works. The growth in ecommerce sales has contributed to a 20% increase of profits for Nike.

Nike Quote

“Digital allows us to depen the relationships we already have with consumers by tailoring every interaction to their specific needs.” – Mike Parker, CEO, Nike

Going forward, their strategy is to focus on making the user experience simple and personal on their website Nike.com. Keeping the web contents relatable to consumers, leads to returning customers.


Seamless Commerce

Nike plans to drive customers to Nike Stores using mobile marketing. Even while the shoppers are in the Nike Stores, Nike encourages them to login virtually to their ecommerce platform using their mobile devices with incentives such as free returns and reward points. This brilliant strategy where people can shop online and in-store simultaneously, prevents people from leaving the Nike stores simply because they can’t find what they are looking for.


What are Your Business Plans for 2016?

The world’s most favourite sportswear maker has started its ecommerce transformation since 2012, and is on its way to exponential growth explosion of sales. What about you?

If you would like a similar experience for your business, leave us a message below and we’ll put together a comprehensive digital strategy for you.

So what are you waiting for? Call us now and end your 2016 with a big bang of sales explosion!



How Nike plans to turn ecommerce into a $7bn business

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