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Organic VS Paid Advertising on Facebook: Which is Better?

The market is competitive.

There are more ads than ever bombarding your news feed space.

As a result, your posts aren’t showing up first on your audience’s timeline.

Face it — organic reach is declining.

Your regular posts aren’t reaching to as many of your fans as you’d like.

And it doesn’t help that Facebook has tweaked its algorithm to show only relevant content to users. How can you possibly reach more people, especially those who don’t already know about you?

Paid reach is the number of people who had a paid post from your Page enter their screen. Organic reach is the number of people who had an unpaid post from your Page enter their screen.

Although this is the reality that we are facing, it doesn’t mean we should neglect organic marketing altogether.


Yes, we’ve just said that organic reach may not be the best, but hold your horses! Organic marketing still has its value.

If you’re just starting out your business without much budget for marketing, you can publish your marketing posts on Facebook for FREE.

You will be more strategic and creative with your ideas and how you structure your content.

This means you would put 100% focus on meeting the exact needs of your target audience.

No fluff. Just being real.

When you know exactly who you’re selling your product to and truly give them value WITHOUT even putting money into your posts, you might actually gain more trust from your audience.

Furthermore, you can set the targeting according to your audience interest. Yes, you can do this without boosting your post! Just make sure that you turn on the targeting option on your Facebook page at:

Setting > General > Audience optimization for posts

And from time to time, remind your audience to turn on post notification on your page so that they don’t miss out any of your posts.


Bear in mind that if you are starting with zero contacts or network, it would be more difficult for you to get the word out there.

However, there are some tips for you to acquire some following and keep your fans engaged:

  • Give a reason for people to keep coming back to your page. If you’ve established a Unique Selling Proposition that actually adds value to your audience, then you’re winning. Remember, always ask yourself “What value am I providing for my fans?”
  • Post quality content that would encourage engagement. You can put up content such as giveaways, competition or surveys.
  • Interact with fans by responding to all queries and complaints. Show that you care about their thoughts and make them feel like a part of the community.
  • Put in effort on offline word of mouth marketing. As much as online marketing may be helpful, actually talking to your peers or even relatives would help you get some following to your page. All you need to do is talk about it and ask people to like your page.


The purpose of boosting your post, or in other words paid advertising, is to reach more people.

These are primarily the people who have not yet liked your page or know about your business but show similar interests to and/or fit the demographics of your target audience.

Facebook said you should assume organic reach will eventually arrive at zero. Considering that, it’s wise to include paid ads into your marketing budget.


With a Facebook Page, you can easily boost your post:

  • Click on the ‘Boost’ option on your post that you’re creating
  • Select the audience type
  • Allocate the budget for the post
  • Select the duration for the ad to be boosted

You can then publish immediately or schedule your ad so that it goes up at a specific time.


Knowing that Facebook organic reach is declining, boosting your posts is probably the best way to reach a wider audience of similar interests.

However, you would need to be more intentional and specific so that Facebook doesn’t see either your organic or paid post as irrelevant to your audience.

Technically, you can boost all your post. But if your budget does not allow, consider what the purpose of your post is and which would be worth boosting.

Here are a few guidelines to go by:

  • If you’re aiming to just connect with or update current fans, then it’s not necessary to boost the post.
  • If you’re aiming to get more leads or engagement, then you may boost the post.
  • If you’re offering a product or service, then you should definitely consider boosting.


While it’s easy enough to boost one post, it can get a bit complicated when you’re planning a whole campaign and boosting several ads at once.

We can help you with setting up ad campaigns via Facebook Business Manager, as well as planning your social media content and execute the creative direction.

Essentially, we go beyond the basics.

We make sure to be more specific in terms of interest targeting, using custom audience from your existing email list and make full use of Facebook Audience Insights to learn more about your audience for better targeting.

If you’re interested to win your audience TODAY and be better than your competitors, then we’re more than happy to help!

Contact us for FREE consultation!

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