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SEO Packages, Malaysia

SEO PackagesSEO Malaysia are packaged differently depending on how many keywords you would like to target, and also depending on the length of the optimization period that you choose. The more the keywords, and the longer the optimization period, the higher the price. Also, go with a reputed SEO company in Malaysia. It is better to safe white hat SEO methods that ensures that your website will stay on top of the search engines for a long time, rather than to opt for quick shortcuts of black hat SEO techniques that will be short lived.


How to Select SEO Packages in Malaysia

Several factors come into consideration when selecting an SEO Package in Malaysia. Of course, each package comes with a different price, depending on the amount of work involved.

Targeting the Right Keywords

How many keywords or rather, keyword phrases, would you like to target for your business?

When referring to the number of “keywords”, you actually count a “keyword phrase” as a keyword.

For example, although “black table” may be two words, but it is counting as one keyword phrase (or keyword for short).

So in this case, the more keywords targeted, the merrier, as one might say. But it also depends on your budget, and on the Return-on-Investment (ROI) for each keyword phrase.

If you know that this is a highly in demand keyword phrase, and it is a lucrative business to you, it will be worth the investment to optimize for those keyword phrases.

Talk to our Shock Media Studio SEO Consultants, and they will be able to advise you on the list of potential keywords that you should consider targeting.

Selecting Long Optimization Period

When selecting an optimization period, the longer the better. The search engines do take into consideration the length of period of your optimization. The longer the period, the more established your site is as an authority site.

For example, a website with an optimization period of 3 months, can easily be overtaken by a website with an optimization period of 12 months.

Once it has been overtaken by a stronger, more established website that had more work done on it, it will be much more difficult to play catch up. The work involved might be double or triple, and the length of time comes into play again too.

Bottomline, you cannot rush search engine optimization, or SEO. It is a natural process of getting picked up by the search engines.

Select the longest optimization period that your marketing budget allows. It is worth the investment to get your website to the top of Google, and making sure that it stays there for a long time.

Selecting the Right SEO Malaysia Company

SEO MalaysiaSelecting the right SEO Malaysia company is also very important. Many companies use black hat techniques which may rank very quickly, as quickly as the next day, but once these black hat techniques are caught by Google spiders within 2-3 weeks, your website might be blacklisted forever. Once that happens, it is very difficult to undo the repercussions.

Shock Media Studio is a team of highly skilled SEO consultants who use white hat techniques that comply to Google’s algorithm guidelines. Your website has a better chance of getting to the top and staying there for a long time.

Talk to us today about our different SEO Packages, Malaysia! We’ll even buy coffee!

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