June 10, 2016 Shock Media Studio

Shock Crew at Work: The Lyricist

Waxing lyrical about Papa Orange


In the secret lair of Shock Media Studio, resides the warm Lyricist, who chooses to see the good in everyone. Born with a silver tongue (though I’m sure he wishes it was a silver spoon instead), he can charm the socks off anyone with his natural flow of creative, eloquent words in his copywriting. Fondly known as Papa Orange to Shockers, the Lyricist is armed with a witty sense of humour and brightens up the days in Shock with his humorous quotable quotes.

Truly believing that cheese sells, the Lyricist is the best cheesy words peddler that ever wrote the earth, selling amazing products for the clients, ranging from exquisite diamonds to luxury properties, and even travel accessories. His smooth buttery phrases are resoundingly pleasing music to the ears, luring customers to your websites and social media like the irresistible songs of mermaids in those ancient folklores.



Working hand-in-hand with the Masters of Illusion in the Shock lair who create stunning, compellingly vivid digital graphics, the Wizard of Words sets the hearts of consumers racing and fingers twitching with his convincingly persuasive words, he successfully drives tremendous traffic to websites and social media, and sends crowds running to the physical stores to grab hold of unbeatable deals and offers, firing up skyrocketing sales like never before. (Don’t you just wish you had the Lyricist to do your product write-ups for you?)

After years and years of being around superheroes, supervillains, CEOs and criminals, he has developed the super power of in-depth human understanding and compassion. Everyone needs love, the good and the bad, the big and the small. And with the power of the supernova, he conveys that message of love and gratefulness through his writings.

If you want to create a legion of loyal, raving fans who can’t stop singing praises about your business, brand or products, contact us at 603-58827008 or Leave us a Message below. And the Lyricist will get to work on strumming up those magical notes for you.

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