November 14, 2016 Shock Media Studio

The Shock Crew: Award-Winning Diva, Diyana Shahrum, Joins Shock!

In a magical, shocking twist of fate, the gorgeous Diyana Shahrum joins Shock Media Studio, bringing onboard her colourful personality and creative flair as the Head of Social Media. Her mesmerising social media influence will definitely propel the growth of Shock Media Studio towards becoming the top No.1 Digital Agency in Asia.

A highly decorated, award-winning social media diva in her own right for making heads turn and eyes pop out, she will be your secret ingredient in magnetising your brand personality, reaching far greater audiences, understanding different cultures, and connecting with your customers in deeper, and mutually-rewarding relationships.

As a third culture kid, world traveler and a global nomad, Diyana is a citizen of the future who brings a fresh and unique international flavour to marketing your products and services on social media across multiple platforms. Having lived most of her life overseas in several countries, she is the best person to understand global markets and trends, as well as the different needs and cultures of people across borders.

Her creative marketing efforts and many years of experience working with top global brands have successfully won glowing accolades and worldwide recognition in the form of the internationally coveted Effie Awards and AOTY Awards.

And now, together with the Shock Social Team consisting of powerful Masters of Illusions and Wizards of Words, we work the magic to enthral your customers on social media for you, and drive relentless traffic to your websites with our top secret proprietary strategic marketing methodology.

If you would like to make a difference and leave an indelible mark on the world with a completely unforgettable brand, contact us at +603 5882 7008 or leave us a message below, and let us map out an earth-shattering social influence for your business.

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