November 19, 2014 Shock Media Studio

CASE STUDY – Crystal Yacht

Double Your Business!

Website design, layout, compelling graphics and copywriting make a world of difference to your business. Just a week after revamping the website for one of our clients, Crystal Yacht’s business had been doubled!

Shock Media Studio designs websites that are not only stunning, but also, deliver the results that you want. Do not underestimate the power of effective website design.


A Combination of Science and Art

Based on scientific studies of visitor heat maps of website layouts, Shock Media Studio’s talented team of graphic designers creates mesmerizing images and videos, coupled with compelling words that captivates visitors and motivates them to take instant action, whether it is to purchase an item, book a vacation, or simply to make an enquiry.


Strategic Video Placement

Although there was a video on the old website of Crystal Yacht, but the video was not given prominence, and it does not run the moment the visitors land on the page. Hence, the video is often overlooked, and does not appeal to customers to click to view it. The nice photos of the cruises are placed vertically; hence, they are not immediately visible, unless the visitor takes the effort to scroll down to view them.

When placed in the right position on the web layout, videos and moving images are indeed a great visitor capture and converting tool. Stunning videos draw the visitors that land on your page in to stay on your page, and watch that spellbinding advertisement about your business and what you have to offer them, while allowing their own imagination to offer them a fore taste of that fantasy experience.

After an entire revamp of the website, our web developers turned the entire above-board area (the area of the website where you do not have to scroll down to view) into a beautiful, running advertisement video for the business, with the brand and tagline prominently featured right in the middle of the video, and active Call-To-Action Button, conveniently inviting visitors to “Book Your Cruises”.


Appeal to Consumer Psychology

This subtle branding appeals to the subconscious mind as it is much understated, yet it appears throughout the progression of the video. The simple Call-To-Action Button that turns white when visitors mouse over it, right in the middle of the awesome video, just under tagline “The World’s Most Beautiful Experience” which appeals to the imagination, motivates visitors to click on the button to start the process of booking their dream cruise vacation.


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