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The Ultimate Showdown: Social Media vs Email Marketing

Cheap, easy and effective.

That’s all we really want our marketing campaigns to be. And with consumers being more visible on social media, that’s usually where businesses would prefer to market their products.

Social media is, after all, cheap, easy and effective.


Well, here’s the truth.

You may see your audience on social media. You may see them giving you a follow and engaging on your posts. But that doesn’t mean that they will become your customers.

Yes, social media is more effective for engagement purposes but it takes a bit more effort to encourage your audience to follow through to your sales page.

That’s why many businesses nowadays embrace email marketing. They know exactly why email is essential to a successful marketing campaign and the benefits it has over Facebook or Instagram.

Unlike social media, email’s private and direct nature allows businesses to personalise their messages to their target audience. This means that you’ll attract the right audience who will get the information they actually want to know.

But can’t social media do the same? Why isn’t it enough?

User Preference

First, let’s look at users’ behaviour towards Email and Facebook (the leading social media platform for marketing).

From the infographic below, it’s pretty obvious that Email is superior to Facebook in terms of user preference.

A whopping 91% of those surveyed use Email at least daily. Considering how most of us use Email for work or professional communication, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

What should be surprising is how many businesses are still not tapping onto this platform. Most users deem Email as a completely acceptable means of sending promotional messages, so not having an email marketing strategy is a missed opportunity!

While Facebook’s organic reach has become ineffective, your Email message is more likely to be received, as the Inbox Placement Rate is at 79%. The only concern would be to make sure that your Email goes to the recipient’s inbox rather than the spam box.

And how about the actual sales?

The survey shows that 66% of users have made a purchase as a result of a marketing message via Email while only 20% have made a purchase through Facebook.

So you see, the fleeting nature of Facebook is no match for email’s more structured and attention-grabbing nature, provided your subject line is eye-catching and your content is interesting.

The Good and The Bad

As with everything else, both platforms have their pros and cons even though email seems to have more advantages over Facebook. But it all depends on your marketing goals.

Email has a high reach and conversion rate which may result in a higher return on investment than using Facebook. But the tricky thing about email is that you need to craft your content in a way that’s attractive enough but not too flashy so that the system doesn’t detect it as spam. And unlike Facebook ad, which can be as attention-seeking as possible, email marketing takes time to build interest and trust.

Social media has the advantage of going viral, but that does not happen so often. Nevertheless, you can try to grab your audience’s attention with a bold picture or design. The slightly inconvenient part about social media marketing is that you need to produce consistent content to keep the engagement going. Otherwise, you’d risk losing followers or lose out on organic reach.

Which One?

We believe that Email Marketing is a MUST just so that you can tap into the 2.6 billion email users. That’s a lot of potential customers!

Besides, you’d have full ownership with Email so you don’t have to worry about losing your subscribers. But if something goes wrong with Facebook, your account may be terminated and you’ll lose all your followers!

However, depending on your marketing strategy, there’s absolutely no harm in using a social media platform to promote your product.

Ultimately, you’d want to direct potential customers to your sales page.

Shock Suggests

You may use Facebook ad to create brand awareness with the aim of directing traffic to your website. This means that your ad must be interesting enough that your followers will click through. They will then be sent to an attractive landing page and feel the urge to give you their email address.

Once they’re subscribed, you may send them a series of emails to build on their interest and eventually compel them to click on the link in your email to finally purchase your product.

It does take time and patience, but it will all be worth it!

Want to cut that time short? We’re here to help!

Shock Media Studio offers a free consulting service to help you on your way to become an Email Marketing Expert!

If you’re keen on our services, we also offer an Email Marketing service for you to grow your business.

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