Like a moth to a flame, every business owner or marketer needs to be where their audience is at.

And social media platforms are the places to be in this 21st century.

With Facebook and Instagram boasting 2.23 billion and 1 billion Monthly Active Users (MAUs) respectively, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be on at least one social media.

….unless you are happy with how your business is doing offline!

But if where you are now is not yet where you want your business to be, even with a high converting website, then you probably need to get on social media.


You need to do an inventory of your business.

Before even thinking about which social media to go on, it’s important that you go through these 3 D’s – DEFINE, DETERMINE, DECIDE.

  1. Define your objective on social media.

    Do you want to engage more with your audience, increase web traffic or improve customer service? Having objectives that would bring in value to your business rather than just going for vanity metrics like follower count would increase the likelihood of your audience converting into customers.

    Once you know your exact objectives, you can align them with the platform that will complement your goals.

  2. Determine where your audience hang out and their behaviours.

    When starting your business, you should already have your target audience profile. Knowing how they behave and what they do would give you a clue on where they might hang out online. This way you wouldn’t be wasting your time and money on a platform that your audience is not on.

    Do some research to discover which social media platform your target audience is spending their time on the most.

  3. Decide the resources and skills you need.

    Each social media platform works differently, so you may need different skills or tools for each one. For example, if you intend to put out Facebook ads, you would need some knowledge on how to set up the ad effectively so that it targets the specific audience. If you plan on improving your customer service, then you may need someone to handle a Whatsapp or Twitter account.

    If your current resources or skills don’t match up with what you need, we can help you!


Not all social media platforms suit all types of business.

A tailor’s dress-making business is different than a food & beverage business. And so the way they communicate with their audience on social media would be different.

Yes, you would also need to understand the nature of each social media platform, which we will discuss in a minute.

But you should first understand the nature of your service or product.

If you’re selling shoes, how else would your audience be compelled to own them? Perhaps you’d need to post visually-attractive photos. Maybe you need to create a product video to help people understand why your collection is unique. And maybe you could increase engagement by doing giveaway contests.

So instead of just looking at your business as a B2B or B2C, try to understand how your service or product can add value to your audience. That way you can then see how you can market it efficiently on a specific social media platform which serves that particular purpose.


Now that you have an idea about your social media objective, audience behaviour and how you can better market your service or product, it’s time for you to decide the best platform for your business.

And of course, you can choose more than one platform, if your current resources and skills would allow!

Here we list 7 social media platforms which are common and actively used.

  1. FACEBOOK (2.23 billion MAUs)
    – perfect for companies with visually-driven products
    – commonly used by B2C companies that offer discounts, coupons and contests
    – also used by brands for relationship and branding purposes, as well as smaller companies for product awareness campaigns
  2. YOUTUBE (1.9 billion MAUs)
    – especially for visually-driven brands that intend to publish product videos, behind-the-scenes videos and educational videos
    – also for brands in the media and entertainment industry that rely on viewership for brand awareness
  3. WHATSAPP (1.5 billion MAUs)
    – great for individual or small local businesses
    – typically used for customer support, updates and the occasional promotional message blast
  4. INSTAGRAM (1 billion MAUs)
    – perfect for companies with visually-driven products
    – similar mechanics to Facebook but focuses more on high-quality photos and graphics
    – also great for individual artists to display portfolio for commissioned work
  5. TWITTER (335 million MAUs)
    – suitable for publications as the platform focuses more on written words
    – great as a customer service platform especially for large businesses
  6. LINKEDIN (284 million MAUs)
    – perfect for B2B to build brand awareness, share content and network
    – besides establishing authority, businesses also use LinkedIn to attract talents to their company
  7. PINTEREST (250 million MAUs)
    – industries that thrive on Pinterest include fashion, food and e-commerce
    – great for a business with mothers or homemakers as target audience, as 60% of Pinterest social traffic is from home & furnishings category
    – people go on this platform to seek inspiration, so businesses with visually-attractive pictures or graphics may gain a high following


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Here’s a summary checklist for you to get your business on social media. (Click here for the pdf worksheet)

Yes, there are a lot of choices out there and it may be hard to come to a decision.

But that’s why second opinions are always helpful.

If you find that you:

  • still struggle to determine which social media platform is best for your business
  • have figured out which platform but don’t know what kind of content to put out
  • are already on social media but not seeing the results you desire




For the price of $0, we will hear you out and give you our expert advice on how to grow your business on social media.

Claim your free consultation now!

WHY YOU NEED A WEBSITE — Even If You’re A Small Business

As a small business or startup, you’re very careful about your spending.

You go with the most affordable options so that your profits can one day cover up your costs.

So in terms of marketing your business, you’ve decided to only use social media platforms and forgoing building a website mainly because of budget constraints.

You might only need to pay for the ads that you plan to set up.

Everyone’s on social media anyway… right?

Yes, social media is free and easy to set up, and your audience is already there for immediate engagement.

But you’ll probably only go so far as building brand awareness and fans, but not generating the revenue you desire.


We can’t deny the benefits of social media. It has helped many businesses to grow and gain popularity.

The 3 main things that social media does well for your business are:

  1. Engagement – being where your audience is, you can directly communicate with them and understand what they like or don’t like.
  2. Brand awareness – creating consistent content on social media helps to get the word out there.
  3. Customer support – as a fast-paced platform, social media is perfect for responding to queries immediately and publicly.


Social media reach is declining. This means that not all your followers will see your organic posts.

In 2018, Facebook began to “shift ranking to make News Feed more about connecting with people and less about consuming media in isolation.”

So organic posts may only work well if you’re sharing content with your family and friends who you may interact with daily.

But as a business, it may be a little bit difficult as you need to always be present online.

If you can do that, GREAT!

If you can’t, the solution may be to publish paid posts or ads.

But even if you invest in ads, it’s unlikely that your audience will follow through the sales funnel.

Think about it, when you see a product on Instagram do you usually feel compelled to purchase immediately each time?

The chances are slim to none.

You need to remember that social media is a “see” platform. People go there mainly to browse, not to buy.

So unless you don’t plan to scale up your business, social media is good enough only for awareness and engagement.


  1. Social media reach is declining

    With the change in algorithm favouring relevant quality content, organic posts can no longer reach as many people as you’d like. Depending on your business goals and how well you use the targeting feature, paid posts may not be as effective either. So although social media is good in some ways, it’s always better to have your own website as an anchor.

  2. Google conversion rate is higher than Facebook

    Facebook’s conversion rate (4.7%) is a third lower than that of Google at 8.2%. This is because people tend to search for products or services through search engines with a higher likelihood to follow through to checkout. They’re unlikely to do so on social media which is designed as a “browsing” platform rather than a marketplace (although Facebook is trying to make that a thing).

  3. You own your platform

    Being on a third-party platform like Facebook and Instagram means you’re bound by their rules and regulations. This gives limited freedom in terms of content and campaigns. With your own website, you would have more leeway to be creative and customize the way you want your brand to look.

  4. Consumers judge the quality of the company’s website design

    When shopping, we tend to include the website’s design into consideration, sometimes even unconsciously. It’s reported that 75% of consumers admit to judge a company’s credibility based on their website design. Just like going into a physical shop, our buying experience is as important as the product itself. That’s why being able to customize your website is crucial to give a certain impression to your audience which social media can’t provide.

  5. All information can be easily found in one location

    While you may be able to share all necessary information on social media, it can be difficult to retrieve specific information if you’re posting new content every day. The specific information that your audience is looking for might have been buried in the timeline. But with the search toolbar on a website, your audience can easily search for any information that’s even a few years old.

  6. Web analytics provide more insights than social media analytics

    Where social media gives you a look into your audience activity on your posts, web analytics can give you much more especially if you’re an e-commerce business. Your audience’s buying behaviour as well as how they browse your site can be tracked and measured. Web Analytics may come in the bigger picture of Marketing Analytics which cover a lot more than on social media, as it provides a wider integration between platforms.



Having a website shows that you’re serious and willing to up your game.

There are thousands of competitors in your industry and the big names have millions of followers on social media.

So how can you top that?

You establish your own credibility not just through social media but also with a beautifully-designed and user-friendly website.


  1. Hosting – the service providing space on the internet for your website
  2. Domain name – your website identity shown as
  3. Design – to create a pleasant user experience
  4. Plugins and extensions – to add specific functionality to your website

Think of creating a website like buying a house:

You choose your location.

You put your name on it.

You design it so that it looks welcoming.

You invite people to come over.

Your website is a lifelong INVESTMENT worth your time and money!


To be perfectly blunt, no one’s stopping you from not growing your business. 

But do you compromise on registering your business or get a legit certification?


So why would you compromise on investing on a website that would help increase business revenue and customer trust?

Tip: Set aside your budget for website building. It will pay off if you put in the work.


Say you’re a restaurant owner and your offline business is doing well. You think you don’t need a website because your business is already doing well. Or maybe you’re not an e-commerce business and you don’t think a website would help your business.

If you think a website’s function is only to make a profit, then you might not understand it very well.

Even if you’re a restaurant owner who doesn’t necessarily need more customers, you could add value to your existing customers by providing them services such as online booking or a display of your menu. This convenience may seem insignificant but it may be just the thing that helps your brand grow.

Tip: Think of a website more holistically – how can you add more value to your audience even if you don’t need to generate profit directly?


Now that you know it’s better to have a website in addition to social media in terms of ownership, design, analytics and convenience, it’s time to take action.

Good news is that you don’t need to know how to code or design a website.

You can either…

  1. Set up everything yourself (purchase hosting and domain, design your website, add plugins yourself) while making more mistakes than necessary, or… 
  2. Let us do all the work for you so that you get only what you truly need for your website.


As mentioned before, your website is an investment. Together with a strategic marketing tactic, you’ll be seeing leads and sales coming in.

And that’s what Dr Ko Skin Specialist, an Aesthetic & Beauty company, gained by working with us.

Result #1 – 300% INCREASE IN LEADS​

We optimized their main website – – and witnessed an increase from 40 leads to 150 leads in one month.

Result #2 – 300% INCREASE IN SALES

We build their e-commerce site – – with an initial cost of RM 40,000 that was essentially paid back as they gained a profit from RM 120,000 in sales within the first month.

This is not an isolated case, as we have launched more than 500 websites with over 400 satisfied clients!

Remember, your website is just the beginning of an amazing journey for your business.

What comes after is what would set you apart from the rest.

Wait no more and grab this opportunity!

What’s In Store for You in the Digital Marketing Space in 2017?

Discover the hottest trends and the top marketing channels for your business.

Now that 2017 is upon us, let us take a look at our Shock forecast of what’s in store for you in the new year.

1) Thriving Ecommerce

It goes without saying that the trillion dollar per annum ecommerce sales will exponentially rise even further this year, leaving retail sales far behind in the forecasted sluggish economy in the midst of the ailing Ringgit, rising oil prices and rising unemployment.

To survive the coming turbulent times, you must have your ecommerce store up and ready for your business. And if you don’t know where to start, we are here to help, and to get it up in an instant. (Well, not really an instant few seconds, it’s more like a couple of weeks work, but you know, we have the geekiest geeks in our team who will work on your website round the clock like the shoemaker’s elves, designing and optimising the site for conversions.)

Not all websites are created equal. We know that those people in power have their own cronies… well, it works the same way with the search engines too. Certain platforms perform much better on SEO with much better search rankings, and certain styles are a surefire way to bring in the customers. And make sure that your website is mobile-ready, else you will lose out in the mobile revolution.

Our results speak for themselves. With a complete revamp of our clients’ websites, they noticed a marked difference within just 2 weeks, with some of them, having over 200% increase in business! Read our tips on the must-haves of a successful ecommerce website.

2) Rising Mobile Shopping

People the world over, especially Malaysians, love their mobile phones aka smartphones. Smartphones have literally replaced so many things in our lives, ranging from alarm clocks, to cameras, planner diaries, and even your trusty Buku 555 (that little notebook which you used to keep in your pocket to keep track of who owes you what). And very sneakily, its influence has even subtly increasingly replaced our need for the desktop computer or even laptop, especially in the case of those high end smartphones with bigger screens which allows you to work right from your smartphone. You can easily edit photos from your smartphone, even if you never knew how to use Photoshop on your computer. (Ahah! So now your little absolutely stunning selfie secret is out!) You can send and reply emails, and even work with Word, Excel and Powerpoint, all from your phone. And nowadays, you can even pay for purchases using your phone!

Let’s face it, we can’t live without our smartphones anymore. It is no longer just a device just to make and receive calls. Smartphones allow you to communicate with anyone on apps and social media and you can browse the internet and check for information right at your finger tips.

As such, consumer purchase behaviour has changed too. As information is now so readily available in the palm of our hands, people tend to check for information and prices of items on their phones before the purchase is made. Even when they are shopping in the retail store, and they come across something they really like, they will just whip out their phone, google out the item, compare prices, and if there is a cheaper offer of the same item online, they will buy it online right there and then, from their smartphones. Retail stores are just losing out to mobile shopping in this manner.

And guess what? There are 2.7 million smartphone users in Malaysia, and almost 90% of them will check for information and compare prices using their smartphones before they make a purchase. Google analytics show that there are now more searches using mobile devices compared to searches done using computers. So be prepared for the mobile revolution to really shake things up in this year, otherwise, be prepared to lose out to mobile shopping.

On the bright side, their smartphones are also their kryptonite. You can now target smartphone users with increasing accuracy and reach your target consumers with your flash sales messages, and get in the sales that you want.

Never before in history has advertising been able to be this accurate. Contact us at +603-58827008 if you need our help on Mobile Advertising (don’t paiseh, coz we specialise in this), and let’s see your business take on a life of its own and reach the figures you never thought possible in this kinda economy.

3) Dominating Social Media

Despite some cynics, social media is not just a hype, and it is not going away anytime soon, especially Facebook. In fact, that innovative giant social platform is only going to grow bigger and bigger with the young ones coming on board.

In fact, social media has become so much part of our lives that even the newspapers are beginning to report on the videos, happenings and comments that have gone viral on social media! And so large is the extent and influence of social media that the security forces have started taking it very seriously.

You would most probably already have a Facebook account, and many home-based businesses have already started taking their businesses onto social media, albeit a little haphazardly.

Nevertheless, if you are serious about portraying the right brand image and growing your brand, you need to have professional management of your Facebook page (assuming that you already have one, and if you don’t, we can help. :)). After all, they do say that an impression is made in the first 3 seconds. Your Facebook page is a representation of the image of your brand, company and products to the world. So do take it seriously and get professional help. A sloppy Facebook page will portray an untrustworthy image, while a professionally done and managed Facebook page, will give the impression to consumers that your products and services are of excellent quality. Professionalism builds trust and credibility. And that is very important for all businesses.

We have a proprietary Shock Persona which will bring out the uniqueness of your brand and turn it into a catchy personality which will be able to relate to your audience. The more you humanize your brand, the more fans and raving customers you will have. And that’s how you build brand loyalty.

Once you have a kickass Facebook page setup, use Facebook ads to target your audience. Regardless of what negative stories you hear from failed unprofessional attempts, Facebook ads have been an amazing arsenal to target audience you want, and likes from followers who already are interested in your products or services. In fact, it works with such laser focus, that if you are a physical store, you can even target just the neighbourhood surrounding your shop!

We Wish You A Shockingly Awesome New Year!

Despite the doom and gloom news that we hear every day, these are our 3 predictions for the new year, as well as some tips on how to tap into massive sales for your business.

If you are not prepared for any of it, fret not, just contact us at +603-58827008 or leave us a message below, and our Digital Consultant will chat with you about your business and its future over coffee. And let’s make this your most awesome year yet!

Case Study: How to Increase Leads by 300% and Hit 6-Figure Sales in the 1st Month

Anyone can create a website, but it takes a team who knows the ins and outs of digital marketing to create a website that instantly delivers phenomenal results again and again.

Leads soared over 200% in just a week after our Shock Team revamped the website for our client, Dr. Ko Skin Specialist, and within a month, it resulted in a total of over 300% increase of leads and sales for their e-commerce website as well!

Here are a few time tested strategies on how you can do just that.

1) Stunning graphics that portray the persona of your brand


First impression is very important. Your website must be able to captivate the visitors the moment they land on your website. Take their breath away with beautiful graphics and compelling copywriting that motivates them to want to get to know you more and connect with your brand. Using our proprietary Shock Persona methodology, we are able to bring out your unique brand personality that appeals to your audience and inspires action.

2) Seamless browsing and excellent user experience

Gone are the days of boring, static click type of websites. The audience now demands to be impressed. Impressive websites reflect upon your brand, and carry perceived credibility and trustworthiness. Plan your website from start to end, and ensure that your user will have seamless browsing and a pleasant and memorable user experience on your website. And remember, if you need help, our Shock Digital Specialist is just a phone call away. Call +603 5882 7008 to schedule your appointment.

3) Accessible across all devices


People own multiple devices in today’s world. Ensure that your website is accessible on all devices, from laptops, computers, mobile phones and tablets. Make sure that the layout, fonts, and graphics looks great on all devices.

4) Add a Chat button

Little things make a big difference. Just by adding a little Chat button strategically on the website, you can double up the rate of your customer responses!

5) Develop an App for your Brand


Create Customer Loyalty to your Brand by developing an app that allows your customers to connect to your business easily with just one tap. We developed an app for our client to make things convenient for their customers, and they are now receiving daily appointments through the app. Contact our Shock Team if you would like an app developed for your business too!

Our founder and CEO of Shock Media Studio has over 10 years of online marketing experience, having personally launched and marketed millions worth of products online. Harnessing on his track record and proven digital marketing skills, our client had an ROI of 300% for their e-commerce website, generating RM120,000 worth of sales within the first month of launch!

If you would like us to chart out a cutting-edge digital marketing plan for your business, call us up at +603 5882 7008 or leave us a message below to schedule an appointment with our Digital Strategist.

Nike Plans to Hit US$7 Billion Through Ecommerce


Keeping it Simple and Personal

One of our favourite brands is Nike with its tagline “Just Do It”, which is one of our 7 core values at Shock Media Studio.

Here’s a brief case study on how Nike plans to increase its online sales to reach a lofty target of US$7 Billion.

According to Marketing Week, Nike has currently hit over US$1 Billion in annual sales, and is now planning to achieve US$7 billion by 2020 using digital marketing and ecommerce. Having invested in digital and mobile strategies over the last few years, Nike announced a 50% growth of its online sales in its recent second quarter sales results, hence it makes sense for them to go all out and put their money into a proven strategy that works. The growth in ecommerce sales has contributed to a 20% increase of profits for Nike.

Nike Quote

“Digital allows us to depen the relationships we already have with consumers by tailoring every interaction to their specific needs.” – Mike Parker, CEO, Nike

Going forward, their strategy is to focus on making the user experience simple and personal on their website Keeping the web contents relatable to consumers, leads to returning customers.


Seamless Commerce

Nike plans to drive customers to Nike Stores using mobile marketing. Even while the shoppers are in the Nike Stores, Nike encourages them to login virtually to their ecommerce platform using their mobile devices with incentives such as free returns and reward points. This brilliant strategy where people can shop online and in-store simultaneously, prevents people from leaving the Nike stores simply because they can’t find what they are looking for.


What are Your Business Plans for 2016?

The world’s most favourite sportswear maker has started its ecommerce transformation since 2012, and is on its way to exponential growth explosion of sales. What about you?

If you would like a similar experience for your business, leave us a message below and we’ll put together a comprehensive digital strategy for you.

So what are you waiting for? Call us now and end your 2016 with a big bang of sales explosion!



How Nike plans to turn ecommerce into a $7bn business

Brewing Coffee and Strategies

brewing coffee&strategies
So What Does Coffee Have to Do with Strategy?

You may be wondering what coffee has to do with strategy. Plenty, when it comes to meeting with our consultants from Shock Media Studio. 😉  As part of our efforts to infuse awesomeness into the digital universe, we regularly meet up with business owners for a chat over coffee to understand their needs, and draw up kickass online marketing plans that drive tons of traffic and generate sales and leads.


Identifying Your Target Market

Sipping coffee, let’s discuss your target audience. One of the main issues that we often come across is that many business owners do not identify and target the most lucrative segment of the market.


“I Want to Target the Whole World!”

This is a common proclamation that we get when talking to business owners. Unfortunately, when you try to target the whole world, you end up with very minimal results. It’s like trying to shoot multiple targets with just one arrow. You’ll just end up with nothing, besides a lot of running about. It’s better to choose the most promising target, aim well, and hit the bull’s eye.


What’s the difference between Page Views and Conversions?

First, let’s define that are Page Views, and what are Conversions. Page views refer to the number of times your site is being viewed by visitors landing on your page. Conversions refer to the desired actions taken by the visitors on your site, such as purchasing something (sales) or filling up a form on the page (leads), or contacting you for more information.

An important point to note is that page views do not necessarily translate into conversions. If you are targeting the wrong audience, which means, that you are offering your products and services to the wrong people, you will not see much result. Learn how these terms affect your business.

By targeting the right audience, and by putting your products and services in front of the people who need them and are, in fact, searching for such products and services, you will drastically increase your conversions.


Identify Your Target Market and Sell More!

If you want to increase your conversions, you have to figure out who is your target audience, what do they want, what do they need, and what is their problem. If you can solve their problem, and make their pain go away, you would have hit the jackpot! Conversions happen when the right offer meets the right audience, so make sure that your product, offer, and website is relevant to your visitors.


Test, Test, and Test!

Okay, so far, what we have is your assumptions as to having the right target market. One of the fastest way to generate traffic and test out your theory is to run a Pay-Per-Click Campaign on Google Adwords. This will bring in instant traffic with your targeted audience, and enable you to see if you are targeting the right audience for conversions.


Tweak your Promotional Offers

If you are not getting the response that you envision, tweak your promotional offers, marketing campaign, the content on your website, and/or even targeting a different audience instead!


“Hey, This is Exactly What I’m Looking For!”

When your visitors land on your page and it is like a Eureka moment for them, congratulations, you’ve hit the nail on the head!

From there, it is simply a matter of scaling up and intensifying your marketing campaigns to bring home the bacon by the truck loads.


Let’s Chat Over Coffee

So basically, that’s what we do over coffee. And if you’re not a coffee person, no problem, we can do tea or even sky juice too for that matter. Make an appointment with us by calling +603 5882 7008 and let’s talk strategies! 😉

Leave us a Message!

That’s right, you have taken the 1st step in getting ahead of your competition by leaving us a message here. One of our team members will have a coffee chat with you and walk through the options so that you get the right step in moving forward to win!