Brewing Coffee and Strategies

brewing coffee&strategies
So What Does Coffee Have to Do with Strategy?

You may be wondering what coffee has to do with strategy. Plenty, when it comes to meeting with our consultants from Shock Media Studio. 😉  As part of our efforts to infuse awesomeness into the digital universe, we regularly meet up with business owners for a chat over coffee to understand their needs, and draw up kickass online marketing plans that drive tons of traffic and generate sales and leads.


Identifying Your Target Market

Sipping coffee, let’s discuss your target audience. One of the main issues that we often come across is that many business owners do not identify and target the most lucrative segment of the market.


“I Want to Target the Whole World!”

This is a common proclamation that we get when talking to business owners. Unfortunately, when you try to target the whole world, you end up with very minimal results. It’s like trying to shoot multiple targets with just one arrow. You’ll just end up with nothing, besides a lot of running about. It’s better to choose the most promising target, aim well, and hit the bull’s eye.


What’s the difference between Page Views and Conversions?

First, let’s define that are Page Views, and what are Conversions. Page views refer to the number of times your site is being viewed by visitors landing on your page. Conversions refer to the desired actions taken by the visitors on your site, such as purchasing something (sales) or filling up a form on the page (leads), or contacting you for more information.

An important point to note is that page views do not necessarily translate into conversions. If you are targeting the wrong audience, which means, that you are offering your products and services to the wrong people, you will not see much result. Learn how these terms affect your business.

By targeting the right audience, and by putting your products and services in front of the people who need them and are, in fact, searching for such products and services, you will drastically increase your conversions.


Identify Your Target Market and Sell More!

If you want to increase your conversions, you have to figure out who is your target audience, what do they want, what do they need, and what is their problem. If you can solve their problem, and make their pain go away, you would have hit the jackpot! Conversions happen when the right offer meets the right audience, so make sure that your product, offer, and website is relevant to your visitors.


Test, Test, and Test!

Okay, so far, what we have is your assumptions as to having the right target market. One of the fastest way to generate traffic and test out your theory is to run a Pay-Per-Click Campaign on Google Adwords. This will bring in instant traffic with your targeted audience, and enable you to see if you are targeting the right audience for conversions.


Tweak your Promotional Offers

If you are not getting the response that you envision, tweak your promotional offers, marketing campaign, the content on your website, and/or even targeting a different audience instead!


“Hey, This is Exactly What I’m Looking For!”

When your visitors land on your page and it is like a Eureka moment for them, congratulations, you’ve hit the nail on the head!

From there, it is simply a matter of scaling up and intensifying your marketing campaigns to bring home the bacon by the truck loads.


Let’s Chat Over Coffee

So basically, that’s what we do over coffee. And if you’re not a coffee person, no problem, we can do tea or even sky juice too for that matter. Make an appointment with us by calling +603 5882 7008 and let’s talk strategies! 😉

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