March 27, 2016 Shock Media Studio

Shock Crew at Work: Cooking Up Awesomeness

An exclusive sneak peek into our secret lair! We go out of the way to deliver awesomeness!

If you have been marvelling at our brilliant work, and wondering how we get it done, and how a typical day (actually, it’s never typical) at Shock Media Studio is like, we reveal how the magic of awesomeness is whipped up in a normal day.

Stunning graphics are an absolute must for social media management, especially for Facebook and Instagram. As a result, our new client is happy with our work when we served up world class visuals that brought in enquiries within a few hours from the very first posting on Facebook!

pafoodpauWith humble equipments, our Master of First Impressions gets to work in the spirit of extreme positivity, turning an ordinary boardroom into a wizard’s lair with the help of capable setup assistants. No cauldron available, so we used a frying pan to cook up the magic.


With professional angling that speaks of years of practice and experience, and the skill of creativity, our Connoisseur of Illustration captures an engaging visual that inspires the imagination of the viewer with the brandish of a camera.


And the result speaks for itself…. It’s simply sizzling!!

As you view this vivid image, you can almost hear the cackling of the oil in the pan, feel the heat and smoke rising up, and smell the delicious aroma of the triangle fritters, feeling certain that it is gonna be delicious, and your stomach starts rumbling at such an irresistible visual temptation.


Just add a little garnishing to the final product, and people will buy whatever it is you’re selling!


(I’m getting hungry already as it is, writing this article! *drool* Hope I get a slice of whatever’s left!)

You can also visit our client’s Facebook page to see the final outcome!

Shock Media Studio specializes in showcasing your brand to the world. Engage us to manage your Facebook page, and we’ll captivate and enthral your audience for you.

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