August 12, 2016 Shock Media Studio

The Ultimate Ecommerce Checkout Process

In our last article Ecommerce Satire: A Sure-fire Way to Lose Sales, we talked about some common mistakes that are unwittingly made that will cost you to lose sales and customers right at the checkout stage. So, what’s the ideal checkout process that will double or even triple your sales just by changing a few things?

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience

Make things easy for your customers. Give them a convenient and hassle-free process to make the payment in just a few quick steps (before they change their mind or get distracted by other tempting offers).

  1.  After they have selected the product, lead them straight to the payment gateway, with a short form requiring only Name, Address, Phone Number and Email. (They can choose to checkout as Guest, or log in, if they had earlier registered as a member.)
  2. Once they have completed the info that is necessary for shipping and communication, lead them straight away to the credit card details page for payment already.
  3. Any potential errors or omissions in the information can be rectified through communication via emails or phone later on AFTER the payment has been made.  🙂

Make the payment process as painless as possible to facilitate the sales. Capture the critical sales first, then do the other marketing activities later.

“But I want the customers to sign up as a member, so that I can send them marketing information later on.”

Yeah, we get that. After the sale is completed, you can email them with tempting offers to sign up as a member, perhaps, a RM10 discount code for their next order, or an exclusive free gift, as an incentive for them to complete the membership sign up.

That follow-up serves as a nice customer experience too, to have a follow-up email after a purchase has been made. Chances are high that the customers will return for more purchases if they have had a wonderful customer experience on your website. Give them a good reason to return.


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