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With the power of the internet, consumers including your potential customers will search for everything and anything online. From a question, a brand, product or even about the next house they are buying.  A brand doesn’t exist unless it is online so even the tiniest company should have a proper and professional web presence. Businesses are solution provider and you want to be there when your customers are looking for solution.

A Great Website Equals To Greater Trade Racket!

Research shows that around 40% consumers are more willingly to contact a business that has a website than those who don’t. It is a strong indication that web presence increase a business credibility.

From a consumer point of view, a good website should have clear and smart layout to work with. The most cost effective way to reach customer through different screen sizes (laptop, tablet & mobile) while maintaining clear and smart layout is to have a RESPONSIVE website. Responsive websites adjust the contents and layout according to screen sizes and save you thousands of Ringgit from creating different websites for different screen sizes.

Users are interacting with your brand while browsing your website. The browsing experience imply your brand experience and affects the age-old decision; to buy or not to buy. Instead of letting a bland and bleak website affect your brand credibility and your business, it is important to have a convincing website that converts your potential customers into customers.

We have seen many well-established business with a website not up to par with their business quality suffer from delivering the real value to the online community. However by revamping the website, we’re able to increase the sales by 200% by just revamping their websites.


Website That Hurts Your Business

A website’s image is as important as the image of the salesperson, the first line of infantry. Research shows that consumers avoid companies with a bad or nonstandard web pages and the definition of bad websites includes ugly layouts and/or contents with typos and misspellings.

The result is clear that having a website is not enough, even worse when your company has a ‘wrong’ website to begin with. Your website needs to keep up with the standards expected by your customers in order to create the right kind of impression to your business. If else, your website might be the reason you are losing out to your competitors.

In fact, the right website can drive your leads up by a whopping 300%!

Your Website As Your Salesperson, Round-The-Clock

The main reason to cause annoyance among your potential customer is when they are not able to find information about your products and services online especially contact information and pricing details. On the other hand, they do not like to wait to get answers they are looking for thus they do not favor callback option or either completing forms to obtain basic information.

Although it is common sense to know that people turn to the web for solutions, not many businesses realize to ‘answer the question’ while building their website. It is important to understand what kind of information your users are looking for and make it easy for them to find the information they are looking for.

Finally, after reading the article you might still think that you do not need a website because of your major revenue comes from your physical stores. However, your website is still a first and foremost a critical contact point when people search for solutions or your business online. It is important to have a well-designed, mobile-friendly and search-optimized website to ensure you grab the sales opportunity when your customer is looking for you unless you think that it is ok to have a bad brand presence and ignore your potential customers online.

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