March 25, 2016 Shock Media Studio

Users Reaction to Facebook’s New Reaction Buttons

Social media is all about engaging the audience, and interacting with them.

As such, Facebook has rolled out new Reaction buttons, in addition to its iconic Like button, after months of research and surveys. We like the way the Reaction buttons pop up as you hover over the usual Like button for desktop users, or press and hold on the Like button, for mobile users.


It was a nice surprise for Facebook users, as they have been wanting a little more than just “Like” to express their feelings in regards to a post. We find that people are reacting well to this Reaction button, loving the fact that it gives them more options to express their feelings about a post, which are, Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry.


It makes sense, as people were starting find it annoying to click a “Like” button on a post about tragedy, or sad news. It was getting to be a pet peeve for some people, which gave way to misgivings and grouses about how sadistic it was for people to “Like” bad news, when in actual fact, others were just clicking “Like” to show their support. But now, all that is a thing of the past, as people now have more options to express their feelings.

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However, Facebook did not include Dislike as a Reaction button, because Facebook prefers to focus on positive social interactions, according to Bob Baldwin, who was responsible for many of Facebook’s popular features, and expressing a negative sentiment would not be as valuable as expressing a positive one. Sometimes, when people are having a rough day, a nice comment from a friend goes a long way, he said.

In our opinion, the new Facebook Reaction Buttons are a nice touch for user engagement and to encourage user interaction, so that Facebook, as a social media platform, will continue to stay relevant to users, well ahead of new competition.

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