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What’s in Your Social Media Toolkit?

The 5 elements in your Social Media Toolkit determine the level of success in your campaigns.

Naturally, people tend to think, “Hey, I know how to use Facebook and Instagram! Why should I pay people to post stuff for me?”

Yeah, we get that. But a professionally managed business page is entirely different from your personal posts. A business page has to be able to connect with the audience, and put your brand in the best possible limelight.

Here’s what you need in your Social Media Toolkit to keep things professional and engaging on your social media pages.

1) Professional Experience and Strategy

Your Social Media manager must be someone who knows what he’s doing, as the lack of experience will definitely show through to your customers, and may even negatively affect the perception of your brand. You need someone who is always one step ahead of new digital trends to create the results that you want. Having worked hand-in-hand with world class clients to create unprecedented campaigns, we can offer you valuable insights to bring your business to greater heights.

Here’s an example of what we did with the BBCC campaign which was a runaway success.

In just 3 weeks, we increased Page Likes by 312%, and garnered 110,333 of total likes. Followers loved the posts so much some of the posts were shared as many as 6,045 times! Read about it here:

Facebook Campaign for Bukit Bintang City Centre (BBCC)

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Ride on our proven track record, our experience and expertise in creating and running successful social media campaigns.

2) Access to the Latest Professional Paid Tools

As a digital media agency running social media campaigns for major corporate clients, we have subscribed to the latest professional paid tools which can be rather expensive, such as extensive stock image libraries, and proprietary software, and many more, which may not be financially feasible for an individual business to do so. Economies of scale is achieved by managing multiple accounts. So, leverage on us for cost effectiveness and have access to our vast range of professional tools and libraries which are constantly updated and upgraded.



3) Vivid, Compelling Photos, Gifs and Videos

You need talented graphics designers with artistic flair and an eye for marketing to present your products in the best light possible. Our Masters of Illusion create clear, captivating photos for your posts, interspersed with moving gifs and videos which effectively captures the attention of viewers, even as they scroll through thousands of posts on their newsfeeds. Your posts will definitely stand out with our magical touch!

See the works that go on behind every stunning image.

Shock Crew at Work: Cooking Up Awesomeness


4) Bewitchingly Persuasive Writing Skills

We have highly accomplished copywriters in our Shock Team. Besides the fact that we’re an adorable and fun bunch to work with, we add a sparkling zing to your brand, spice things up and make a lasting impression on your audience.


Say “Hi” to one of our awesome writers! Equipped with witty humour and sweet buttery words, we sell amazing products for our clients, ranging from exquisite diamonds to luxury properties, and even travel accessories and more, luring customers to your websites and social media like never before!

The Shock Crew at Work: The Lyricist

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5) Timely and Regular Analysis of Reports and Endless Tweaks

Reports and analysis are very important to ensure that we’re on the right track, and to ascertain whether we’re getting the results that we’re aiming for. Endless tweaks need to be done to continually improve on the results, whether it is to drive traffic to your social media sites or your website, to boost sales and conversions, to get people to sign up and register for your events, or to get fresh leads for your market.

Social Media management can be very time consuming as it involves planning, strategizing marketing angles, crisp copywriting and sharp images. So hire us, and we’ll do all that for you and drive customers to your business, while you get busy preparing top notch products and excellent services for them!

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Sounds good? Get in touch with us at +603-58827008 or Leave us a Message below, and we can create the magic for you too!

The Shock team consists of people who are creatively specialized in specific areas, working cohesively together to strategize and create content that brings out a mesmerizing personality for your brand.

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