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WHY YOU NEED A WEBSITE — Even If You’re A Small Business

As a small business or startup, you’re very careful about your spending.

You go with the most affordable options so that your profits can one day cover up your costs.

So in terms of marketing your business, you’ve decided to only use social media platforms and forgoing building a website mainly because of budget constraints.

You might only need to pay for the ads that you plan to set up.

Everyone’s on social media anyway… right?

Yes, social media is free and easy to set up, and your audience is already there for immediate engagement.

But you’ll probably only go so far as building brand awareness and fans, but not generating the revenue you desire.


We can’t deny the benefits of social media. It has helped many businesses to grow and gain popularity.

The 3 main things that social media does well for your business are:

  1. Engagement – being where your audience is, you can directly communicate with them and understand what they like or don’t like.
  2. Brand awareness – creating consistent content on social media helps to get the word out there.
  3. Customer support – as a fast-paced platform, social media is perfect for responding to queries immediately and publicly.


Social media reach is declining. This means that not all your followers will see your organic posts.

In 2018, Facebook began to “shift ranking to make News Feed more about connecting with people and less about consuming media in isolation.”

So organic posts may only work well if you’re sharing content with your family and friends who you may interact with daily.

But as a business, it may be a little bit difficult as you need to always be present online.

If you can do that, GREAT!

If you can’t, the solution may be to publish paid posts or ads.

But even if you invest in ads, it’s unlikely that your audience will follow through the sales funnel.

Think about it, when you see a product on Instagram do you usually feel compelled to purchase immediately each time?

The chances are slim to none.

You need to remember that social media is a “see” platform. People go there mainly to browse, not to buy.

So unless you don’t plan to scale up your business, social media is good enough only for awareness and engagement.


  1. Social media reach is declining

    With the change in algorithm favouring relevant quality content, organic posts can no longer reach as many people as you’d like. Depending on your business goals and how well you use the targeting feature, paid posts may not be as effective either. So although social media is good in some ways, it’s always better to have your own website as an anchor.

  2. Google conversion rate is higher than Facebook

    Facebook’s conversion rate (4.7%) is a third lower than that of Google at 8.2%. This is because people tend to search for products or services through search engines with a higher likelihood to follow through to checkout. They’re unlikely to do so on social media which is designed as a “browsing” platform rather than a marketplace (although Facebook is trying to make that a thing).

  3. You own your platform

    Being on a third-party platform like Facebook and Instagram means you’re bound by their rules and regulations. This gives limited freedom in terms of content and campaigns. With your own website, you would have more leeway to be creative and customize the way you want your brand to look.

  4. Consumers judge the quality of the company’s website design

    When shopping, we tend to include the website’s design into consideration, sometimes even unconsciously. It’s reported that 75% of consumers admit to judge a company’s credibility based on their website design. Just like going into a physical shop, our buying experience is as important as the product itself. That’s why being able to customize your website is crucial to give a certain impression to your audience which social media can’t provide.

  5. All information can be easily found in one location

    While you may be able to share all necessary information on social media, it can be difficult to retrieve specific information if you’re posting new content every day. The specific information that your audience is looking for might have been buried in the timeline. But with the search toolbar on a website, your audience can easily search for any information that’s even a few years old.

  6. Web analytics provide more insights than social media analytics

    Where social media gives you a look into your audience activity on your posts, web analytics can give you much more especially if you’re an e-commerce business. Your audience’s buying behaviour as well as how they browse your site can be tracked and measured. Web Analytics may come in the bigger picture of Marketing Analytics which cover a lot more than on social media, as it provides a wider integration between platforms.



Having a website shows that you’re serious and willing to up your game.

There are thousands of competitors in your industry and the big names have millions of followers on social media.

So how can you top that?

You establish your own credibility not just through social media but also with a beautifully-designed and user-friendly website.


  1. Hosting – the service providing space on the internet for your website
  2. Domain name – your website identity shown as www.yourcompany.com
  3. Design – to create a pleasant user experience
  4. Plugins and extensions – to add specific functionality to your website

Think of creating a website like buying a house:

You choose your location.

You put your name on it.

You design it so that it looks welcoming.

You invite people to come over.

Your website is a lifelong INVESTMENT worth your time and money!


To be perfectly blunt, no one’s stopping you from not growing your business. 

But do you compromise on registering your business or get a legit certification?


So why would you compromise on investing on a website that would help increase business revenue and customer trust?

Tip: Set aside your budget for website building. It will pay off if you put in the work.


Say you’re a restaurant owner and your offline business is doing well. You think you don’t need a website because your business is already doing well. Or maybe you’re not an e-commerce business and you don’t think a website would help your business.

If you think a website’s function is only to make a profit, then you might not understand it very well.

Even if you’re a restaurant owner who doesn’t necessarily need more customers, you could add value to your existing customers by providing them services such as online booking or a display of your menu. This convenience may seem insignificant but it may be just the thing that helps your brand grow.

Tip: Think of a website more holistically – how can you add more value to your audience even if you don’t need to generate profit directly?


Now that you know it’s better to have a website in addition to social media in terms of ownership, design, analytics and convenience, it’s time to take action.

Good news is that you don’t need to know how to code or design a website.

You can either…

  1. Set up everything yourself (purchase hosting and domain, design your website, add plugins yourself) while making more mistakes than necessary, or… 
  2. Let us do all the work for you so that you get only what you truly need for your website.


As mentioned before, your website is an investment. Together with a strategic marketing tactic, you’ll be seeing leads and sales coming in.

And that’s what Dr Ko Skin Specialist, an Aesthetic & Beauty company, gained by working with us.

Result #1 – 300% INCREASE IN LEADS​

We optimized their main website – KoSkinSpecialist.com – and witnessed an increase from 40 leads to 150 leads in one month.

Result #2 – 300% INCREASE IN SALES

We build their e-commerce site – DrKoSkinCare.com – with an initial cost of RM 40,000 that was essentially paid back as they gained a profit from RM 120,000 in sales within the first month.

This is not an isolated case, as we have launched more than 500 websites with over 400 satisfied clients!

Remember, your website is just the beginning of an amazing journey for your business.

What comes after is what would set you apart from the rest.

Wait no more and grab this opportunity!

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